Third Time's A Charm

After three tries, I finally taught a good seminary lesson! I was able to get/keep all the kids' attention and get them participating AND read plenty directly from the scriptures. We'll see if all my secret techniques will work two times in a row. This week I've been trying really hard to improve my communication with the kids (my kids, not the seminary kids). I reread "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk" and read "Siblings Without Rivalry" and decided that there was room for improvement on my part. Also, I'd noticed that Ruby and Herbie were saying things to each other that they'd learned from me, but I didn't like them saying to each other. I haven't been perfect, but I'm getting a lot better with practice, and the kids seem to be responding well to it.

This last week Woo bought 3 lawn mowers for $35. 1 is a push mower. 1 is a gas mower, and 1 is an electric mower. It looks like it's 50 years old. We practically have a garage full of lawn mowers since we already had 2. Herbie is in heaven, and every time he goes into the garage he says, "one, two lawnmowers!" After some tinkering Woo got the push mower to run smoothly, and he mowed the whole lawn with it. He described it as "kinda fun." I'm really surprised that he hasn't gotten one earlier since it stands for everything he believes in: cheap, low gas consumption, and healthy. He's also had a new brilliant idea: iCry. It's a baby monitor on your iPhone. He's been working on writing the code for that, and I've been commissioned to come up with a logo. OoTunes has also had it's best week ever. I think we're up to 16 customers.

Ruby continues to get better at riding her bike. Yesterday she rode down the whole length of our back yard with her feet up. It's even more impressive when you see how much she bounces around going over the grass. She's getting increasingly brave at the playground too, and will finally go down big slides on her own. She loves to climb, and at one point we found her swinging from a bar that looked physically impossible for her to reach. We have no idea how she did it. Ruby started to tattle a few weeks ago. I've been trying the techniques I learned from "Siblings Without Rivalry," and it seems to have helped.

Herbie has finally started to really feel comfortable with his bike this week. He's figured out how to get on and turn easily, and he's riding all over the house. I've seen him watch Ruby carefully as she whizzes by, and then try to mimic her speed and her gliding. Once this week he rode his bike down the hill of our driveway. He got going way too fast for him to control, and he fell. After the initial pain and shock were gone, he was pretty proud of his crash. A couple days later Ruby was telling me about a crash that she'd had on her bike, and Herbie got really mad, "No Ruby! Herbie fell off bike in driveway!" As if Ruby was trying to steal credit for the crash from him.

Moses and I are starting to get over our misunderstanding with the potty, and he's now going a few times for me everyday. Friday I decided it was time for him to move to the crib, at least for his naps (we're still afraid to leave him alone with the other kids overnight). I was pretty pleased that I was able to get all kids to sleep for their nap in the same bedroom in under 15 minutes. Hopefully that lasts...

Well, that's all for now. I'll talk to you all later.