A Week

Well, one of us almost got to miss church this week with a sick child for the first time ever, but Ruby rallied, and her temperature dropped 2 degrees in 1 hour. She felt fine all through church so no one suspects us of being the irresponsible jerks who've infected all their kids.

We've started to take the kids on short bike rides. Ruby and Herbie ride their little skuuts. Woo rides the low-rider, and I walk with Moses in the wrap. We've gone to the cemetery after dinner a few times, which is the perfect place for little kids to learn to ride... lots of paved roads and no cars. That doesn't stop them from working on their off-road skills, though. We watched Herbie maneuver his bike up and then down a large protruding slab that would have been like riding up a picnic table for us. Ruby prefers speed, but will slow down to inspect mud or anything interesting lying on the ground (i.e. trash). Earlier this week, I let them ride their bikes to the park for play group. They did a good job of being careful at intersections, and paid close attention to what I said. Unfortunately, we got dumped on the entire way home. Herbie isn't aware that when you're out on your bike in unpleasant conditions, you grit your teeth and make it home as fast as you can, because he slowed to a crawl. But, it ended up being a fun adventure for us.

Herbie wanted to ride his bike to the swim pool. When I informed him it was too far to ride to, Ruby suggested that I put their bikes in the trunk and then we drive to the pool. A good idea, if only I didn't already have enough stuff to carry and put in the car to go swimming.

I'm a big fan of natural light, but the darkened bedroom has helped Herbie and Ruby get more sleep. They go to sleep almost immediately and stay in bed until I come and get them in the morning. So I guess we'll keep it that way until fall or winter. The first morning I went in they both said, "Is the sun up yet? Is it day, Mom?"

Moses really wants to be able to crawl or scoot or sit or ANYTHING but lie on the floor. He's trying to move, but it's just not working for him yet. He is getting good at grabbing things and cramming them into his mouth. That keeps him entertained until he's dropped everything and it's all outside his reach. He's starting to get some hair, which is blond, and his birthmarks have started to fade.

Brilliant idea #3: Who I Knew. The basic premise is for there to be a place on the interweb to store the names of everyone you've ever known. Woo has some good ideas for features that make it enticing. He's actually managed to excite a mission friend and fellow computer nerd about this one, so he'll be getting some help (thank goodness). ooTunes has had more downloads this week, then we had the first month. He's hasn't quite finished iCry, but it's close. And his PhD? Well, you'll have to ask him about that one.

Woo has often wished that I would learn HTML and CSS to help him set up his web pages, and I have often thought that there could be no more boring subject on the face of the earth than computer programming. But, I bit the bullet and got a couple of books at the library. I've fiddled around with it a bit, and it's not as bad as I thought. Well, that's about it for now. I hope everyone has a good week. I love you.

From Woo:

For Chelsey's week, see below... she forgot to mention how brilliant I've become at deciphering Herbie's speech... Lately, when we have FHE or say something important or awesome to Herbie, he says "TODAY!!!" very emphatically. It finally dawned on me today that I think he thinks he's saying "HURRAY!!!". that's all, Love you guys!