The Thirteenth of July

Today is Woo's birthday. Unfortunately for Woo, pretty much everything has gone wrong for him today. As far as I can tell, this seems to be typical. My favorite "worst" birthday is the one where he walked straight into a pole, and then a few hours later stepped on a hot oven rack with his bare feet. Really this whole week has been a bad week for him. We both renewed our drivers' licenses. I'll spare you the gory details, but yes, it did include multiple trips to the DMV, long lines and swear words. Also one of ooTunes' unique features has now become obsolete now that all the updated iPhones have it.

Ruby is obsessed with clothes--Herbie's clothes. Her absolute favorite thing to do is to sneak off into the closet and emerge wearing something of Herbie's--ideally one of his suits. It drives me crazy! Mostly because she can't hang them up by herself, and I have to end up doing it. I'm beginning to think that Ruby is especially partial to praise, and the fact that Herbie gets TONS of compliments from everyone who sees him in a suit is part of it. The other part is just that she likes his clothes.

I did make a happy discovery with Herbie this week. For a few weeks he's been having a hard time cleaning up before lunch---lots of whining and gnashing of teeth. Finally when he came to me to whine, I said nothing, but gave him a hug for as long as he wanted. He trotted off to go clean, but reemerged whining again. Ruby, who was already done, yelled at him to go clean up. I said, "Maybe all he needs is a hug, Ruby." She laughed, and ran to give him a hug and kiss. Herbie smiled, and trotted back to his room. He came out one more time, asking for a hug from me, then Ruby, and then returned to finish. It was a triumph.

I quit swaddling Moses this week, and he's discovered his thumb. Ruby is delighted. As a thumb-sucker herself, I guess she thinks he deserves her congratulations. He certainly is enjoying himself, though, and doesn't let me know when he's awake anymore. I go into the room thinking I need to wake him up, and he's wide awake, happily munching on his thumb.

The Branch President informed me that I'd "dodged the bullet three times." The Relief Society, Young Women's, and Primary presidencies had all been reorganized, and apparently, I was every president's first choice for a counselor. I don't know exactly what to think of that other than the fact that I'm glad I'm teaching seminary. It turns out that I like the kids a lot more than I thought I would, and I'm really enjoying myself.

That's all for now. I enjoy the emails I get from those of you who are answering. I love you. Have a good week!