Our Week At Home

We've been home a week now, and the kids are mostly normal. They were pretty riled up. Even in their own beds and with the darkened room it took them a couple of nights to relax enough to be able to go to sleep quickly, and Herbie is still waking up earlier than I would like. But they are behaving pretty well. On Thursday when I told the kids that I was happy to have them being so pleasant again, Ruby perked up, "Present?! I want a present!" Even though the road trip (and recovery) were a lot of work, I think it served it's purpose. We all are happy to be at home, and I'm more motivated to get things done. I still haven't started exercising again, but hopefully next week.

Gladys Knight is coming to St. Louis, and it's a big deal in the branch. There's been a branch blitz to invite all the in-actives. We walked around town this afternoon visiting the names we'd been given. None of them were home, so I started giving flyers out to random people we'd asked directions from or who'd smiled at us. After I'd invited two, I told Woo that he needed to up his game. He countered that he hadn't seen anyone who looked like they liked Gladys Knight. We were approaching the park by our house. There's a friendly, older bearded man who seems to be walking in the park whenever we go by. "I bet bearded man would be interested." "Ok, IF we see bearded man, I will invite him to go to Gladys Knight." Bearded man was 20ft away, walking towards us when we got to the park. Steven did his duty, and I'm pretty sure bearded man will be baptized. (I mean he has to be after that miracle, right?)

I forgot to mention that when we were in the Amish town (which was a pretty sad little town, with mostly sad normal people, and a couple of Amish people and buggies), we were starving. We found a little grocery store and started going up and down the aisles, to see what they had. Every time we'd round a corner and Herbie would see someone in traditional get-up, he'd yell, "FARMER!" The Amish were not amused.

It turns out that Moses' name comes with a lot of fun nicknames. We all call him Mosie, Mose, Mozah, Mozo, or Mozart more than we call him Moses. Woo has a handful of others that he uses occasionally. The most creative and shortest lived was probably Osmosis. He'll be 6 months this week.

Ruby continues to get better at conversing with us. It's great to be able to tell her why and how we do things and know that she understands. It's also nice that she can tell us her feelings and suggest solutions to problems. She frequently surprises me with her memory, and what she understands.

Well, this is it for this week. I hope you all are doing well. I love you. Oh, also, we're coming out for a week and a half around Thanksgiving. More on that later. ("So start your turkeys roasting!" says Woo, looking over my shoulder...) Talk to you later.