A Week of Lists and Questions

1 funny thing about Moses: 

1. He likes to sleep with at least one arm or leg jammed through the slats of the crib.

Question: Does he really find the tight clamp around his thigh comfortable, or is he just testing my ability to unwind him without hurting him?

2 pleasant surprises from Ruby: 

1. "Thank you, Mom, for making me dinner!"

2. Ruby: kneeling and talking to the sky. Woo: "What are you doing, Ruby? Are you praying?" Ruby: "No, I'm talking to Jesus!"

Question: Should I be proud of #2 or worried?

3 clues that the word "cute" doesn't mean what Herbie thinks it does: 

1. "Mom do you hear that lawn mower? Is it a tractor? It's cute! Right mom?"

2. "A motorcycle, Mom! That's cute!"

3. "Mom, look at our big, big car! Look at our cute car!"

Question: Will I wound his manly pride if I tell him what people really mean when they say he's cute?

4 of Woo's largest purchases and time spent finding the best bang for his buck: 

1. Land in the Ozarks... 15 minutes

2. A Home for his family... 3 days

3. A new camera... 6 months

4. A new laptop... 2 years (Yes, he finally bought one this week)

Question: What does this say about Woo? a) He's a sucker for real estate. b) He believes purchases over $30,000 can't go wrong. c) He knows too much about computers to ever find one that he's perfectly happy with. d) none of the above

5 reasons why I've decided that fall is officially my favorite season: 

1. Fantastic weather

2. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are approaching, and approaching fast

3. The smells: cinnamon, spice, pumpkin, fall air, apples, etc.

4. Using the oven no longer makes the house too hot, so I can make cookies or apple crisp or pound cake on Sunday evenings again.

5. I keep having great memories of fall and the holidays when I was a kid.

Question: Why does fall feel a time to start up again even though I'm not in school anymore?