A Week of Minor Annoyances and Petty Grievances

Warning: Although we had plenty of good things happen this week too, we seemed to have more annoying things going on than usual, and that's all I'm going to highlight this week. I hope it's not too much of a downer :)

The thing that is freshest on my mind is that I just taught my most boring Seminary lesson ever. I mistakenly thought that things were going well, and that I didn't need to prepare very much... whoops! I couldn't decide if it would be better to apologize for a bad lesson at the end of class or to not say anything about it at all. In the end I said nothing. I hope everyone shows up to class again next week!

Steven and I have spent time arguing almost every day about the war in Iraq, what it means to "win" a war, Obama, Mccain, Palin, Biden, etc. For our "date" on Friday night we listened to the debate. It really didn't do much for our relationship. On the bright side, I think we pretty much agree on what should be done about the financial crisis.

Moses is still not crawling. He can do push ups, back up into a sitting position, maneuver sideways... pretty much everything but move forward. He really wants to follow us around and check stuff out on his own, but he can't get there. He spends a lot of his belly time whining. I'll be really glad when he's figured it out!

Ruby's picked up some poor speech habits from one of her little friends. She's dropping her Rs and bungling her THs. She sounds pretty bad, and it's driving Woo CRAZY! Does anyone have concrete evidence of a kid doing something like this, then reverting back to correct speech on their own, never having to visit a speech pathologist, so that he can relax (and so the rest of us can quit being annoyed with him)?

Herbie has decided to play a little game before nap time. It doesn't take long, about 10 minutes, but I still could do without it. I don't even want to describe it, but it basically consists of singing, bawling, contradictory requests, finally a request for a hug, and then he's out.

Well, that's about it. I hope everyone's doing well. Talk to you later!