Warning: Longer Than Normal...

Thursday or Friday I decided that I couldn't take the dark bedroom any longer and ripped off the coverings over the kids' windows. Wow! That's been a mistake! I fixed them on Saturday in a less permanent way so that I can darken the windows at night/naps and let light in when they're playing, but the kids are still recovering. I'm always surprised that they can't just sleep-in the next day, when they're tired. It takes a couple days. Anyway, here's some random stuff from our week:

One morning I realized that Herbie was trying to kick Ruby, and Ruby was calmly and kindly saying over and over, "Don't kick me Herbie. Kick a soccer ball." I was very impressed that she was able to keep her cool under fire. Unfortunately Herbie wanted to kick Ruby more than he wanted to kick a soccer ball, so I offered a pillow option. Ruby ran for a pillow. Herbie kicked that around for a few minutes, and Ruby ran free. In an unrelated incident, Ruby cried and cried when I told Herbie he could wear her lederhosen to church today.

At dinner Woo and Herbie discussed Herbie's potential to become a dad.
Woo: You'll be a dad, Herbie.

Herbie: Oh. After I be born? 
Woo: Yes, definitely after you're born.  
Herbie: Oh. After I mow the lawn with your big lawn mower? 
Apparently that glorious day can't come too soon for Herbie (or Woo either, probably).

Moses is crawling confidently all around the house. As soon as he's released, he likes to head for his bedroom, the back room or under the kitchen table (where, unfortunately, he usually finds a few delicious morsels). He also will make a beeline for any ball or book within easy reach. Moses has been going #2 in the potty for me a few times a week, thanks to his more solid diet.

Friday night Woo sprained his back swinging Ruby around. Despite the pain he was living the high life for a good 24 hours. I lifted each kid up for him to hug and kiss, made a comfy nest of pillows on the floor, eased him into it, saw him comfortably set up with his laptop, fetched him a drink and a couple of other things... The next morning he lounged on the couch reading The Economist. When we went out, Ruby put his shoes on for him. I had to replace our new license plates on the car, buckle each child in, help him into the passenger's seat (he was able to close the door himself), etc., etc. While he was watching me put the license plates on, he said, "I kind of like hurting my back!"

Tuesday night I went to a baby shower. Baby showers, in general, are pretty painful, but this one was especially painful. Mostly because the entertainment consisted of unsolicited labor stories and advice. Labor and delivery is actually one of my favorite topics of discussion, but only under a very specific set of circumstances, and this was not it. I felt that the focus should have been on the mom-to-be, her plans, her family, the new baby, etc. I made a couple of attempts to change the flow of the conversation, but they were too weak to compete with the mom-with-the-unnecessary-c-section and the mom-who-can't-mention-her-kids-without-also-mentioning-that-she-had-them-all-naturally (which I also find obnoxious). Anyway, next time I go to a baby shower, I'll have to go in with a better game plan---maybe names. Names are a hot topic.

Well, this is (finally) over. Talk to you later!