Bums and More Bums

Herbie's really taken a liking to dancing the last week or two. One night before dinner he was shakin' it to his favorite song ("The High Five Song"), when he yells at me, "Mom, put your hand on your bum!"


"Mom, put your hand on your bum! Like this!"

He enthusiastically slapped his bum over and over (unfortunately, not with the rhythm at all...).

I guess I have Woo to thank for teaching him that move while I've been gone to Seminary? He's really going to be quite the lady killer.

And, you knew this one was coming:
Ruby (eyeing me critically): Mom, you have a big bum! 
Herbie (running in as if he's missing something): I want to see your big bum, Mom! 
Anyway, we've had a pretty good week. Woo immediately emailed after his committee meeting with "it could've been worse." Which I understood to mean "it went well." He set a tentative graduation date for Thanksgiving 2009.

Ruby and I have had some good one-on-one time this week. She was thrilled to go visiting teaching with me. She told Herbie and Moses, "Bye, Guys!" and blew them kisses every 15 minutes for an hour before we left. Her primary teacher was also out of town and asked me to sub, so we spent all of primary together too. I was pleased that she was so happy to have me be her teacher (I guess she's still young enough for that). I even made her proud, mooing like a cow during a game of charades.

Herbie's been sick the last two days. Last night he went to bed early, and I was awakened at 7:50 this morning by, "She's MY Mom! No! She's MY Mom! Bay!" (Bay is Herbie's homemade expletive. He says it when he really means business.) Which escalated to: "I NEED you, Mom! I NEED you!"

It's great to be needed, but this didn't bode well for a pleasant day at church. Woo considered staying home with him, but decided to take him and hold him, instead of taking him to nursery. Herbie had a couple of loud outbursts, but they were short, and solved by carrying him out of the room, giving him a big hug, and offering an acceptable set of choices. Hopefully, he feels better tomorrow.

Moses is my water baby. He gets in the tub with the other kids and crawls around in pursuit of toys as if the water wasn't even there. Yesterday he fell over backwards and started to cry, but then stopped, when he realized that the water had cushioned his fall, and he hadn't hurt his head. There was no panic or fear of immediate death that Ruby and Herbie get when a little water gets near their faces.

Moses also occasionally plays a cute game of peek-a-boo with me, where he crawls away about two steps, then turns and laughs. Crawls back to my lap. Crawls away about two steps.... turns and laughs, etc.

Well, that's about it. I better get packing. We fly out tomorrow. I'm not going to write next week. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Just A Week In The Life--Sorry For Lameness/Laziness...


  • Our heavy cleaning day. Ruby and Herbie helped me take out the garbage, make the bed, change the laundry, wash the rugs, spray air freshener, pick clothes off the floor (Ruby is especially good at rolling Woo's belts up and putting them away), etc. 
  • Ruby and Herbie really wanted to teach the lesson, but I taught the lesson on taking care of our bodies (getting enough sleep and sleeping-in was emphasized). 


  • The kids sleep in!!!!! 
  • Woo informs me that OoTunes is attracting steady business (but not enough for even us to live off of, dang it!) 
  • I worked on the armchair after the kids went to bed. (I know you're all scared for it after my last email, but it's looking pretty good). 


  • Moses didn't nap in the afternoon for some odd/annoying reason. 
  • It was Moses' turn to come with me to Seminary. 
  • Woo makes the bold decision to work exclusively on MooTunes and get it done as fast as he can to sell in the App store. He feels that it would be more profitable than OoTunes. 
  • I worked on the armchair after the kids went to bed. 


  • I rearranged our bedroom, and decided we need a sideboard or long, low dresser in there. 
  • We baby-sat three G--- kids, one of whom wouldn't eat his dinner because he was scared of one of my paintings. 
  • Herbie says, "Hey Rover, my Grover! Come back!" while learning to play Red Rover 
  • Woo goes to give a girl and her husband blessings. She had a baby a few days ago, and now has a high fever, shakes, etc. 
  • We were invited to dine at G---'s on Friday. 
  • I rearranged the living room after the kids went to bed. (It's still not right... What to do with all those records?) 
  • Woo gets sidetracked by OoTunes again... 


  • Friday's movie day for the kids. They chose Peter Pan. Ruby was the only one who finished watching it. 
  • I made a delicious apple cheesecake for dinner at the G---'s. 
  • We were uninvited to dinner at the G---'s. The kids and I met Woo at work for a salsa contest (Woo-hoo! I didn't have to make dinner after all!) 
  • I ate half the cheesecake after the kids were in bed. 


  • We hit the thrift stores in search of a sideboard thingy. We left with more clothes for Woo. 
  • Ruby and Herbie both wanted a bike in one of the stores. Herbie threw a tantrum as I carried him out the door. 
  • 10:00pm Woo starts work on his slides for his committee meeting Monday morning. 
  • Woo creates several hilarious slides, but deletes them in favor of slides with more substance. 


  • We went to church and came home. 
  • Moses broke down, and took a sweet nap on my lap in Relief Society. 
  • The kids napped while Woo gave an older sister a blessing, and came home to receive a blessing himself (not from me... Pres. Sleet dropped by...) 
  • Woo took Herbie home teaching. 
  • I taught seminary. 
  • I wrote this email.


Who's Bright Idea Was Daylight Savings Time, Anyway?

I don't recall ever thinking that daylight savings time was a dumb idea until now.

Ruby, Herbie and Moses have STILL not figured out that they should sleep-in another hour because they're going to bed an hour later. I don't remember it taking so long last year to adjust.

Maybe I just don't remember.

Maybe it's because they're all sleeping in the same bedroom.

Other than that we've had a pretty good week.

little boy eating instagram

Herbie surprised us during scripture study. Woo was reading... "the great and abominable..." "CHURCH!" Herbie yelled.

He flashed us a huge smile and raised his eyebrows as we stared at him in shock.

How on earth did he know that?!

I really doubt they've been talking about the great and abominable church in nursery, and we certainly don't talk about it at home.

Herbie does really seem to have a talent for words, and can often repeat something he's heard just once, so maybe last time we were reading in Nephi?

He does not have a talent for colors, and he still has no idea. I sometimes wonder if he might be colorblind, but Woo just thinks he's a late bloomer. 

little girl eating instagram

At home, Ruby's been having a bit of a self-righteous streak:
Herbie, Heavenly Father wants me to have the timer.  
He does not want you to have it. 
(Surprisingly, Herbie didn't agree).

And while praying:
... and Herbie's eyes are open, and 
(looking around)
Mom's eyes are open.
(immediately on her feet, pointing)
In primary she seems to be turning into something of a class clown. I'm told that her winning punch line is "a cow." The other kids are eating it up, and her Dad is very proud.

baby boy carseat instagram

Yesterday Moses deliberately let go of the couch and attempted to take a step forward. Of course, he fell flat on his face. I was very surprised to see him attempt it at this age. Maybe he'll walk a lot earlier than the other kids.

I tried to catch Moses helping Herbie "fix" his bike on camera, but they both moved as soon as I got it out. The bike was upside down. Herbie was spinning the front wheel, and Moses was standing, holding on the frame, spinning the back wheel.

baby boy at table instagram

Since we discovered it (about 4 years ago), Woo's been dying to try a restaurant here called Woofies. I've always been the one who's stood in his way because Woofies has been "serving the hot dog with dignity" for I don't know how many years in St. Louis, and I don't think I've eaten a hot dog since high school. I'm pretty much morally opposed, but Woo was craving one, so we drove through Wendy's for me and then stopped at Woofies.

I'm happy to say that we will not be going back. The mediocre food, the $1.29 ATM fee (cash or debit only), and the high prices did them in. I think Woo was the most irate about the $1.29 surcharge.

The armchair is about half finished. I have one of those looks-fine-from-a-distance-but-don't-look-too-close parts already. I took a couple evenings off to cool off my desire to just finish it, and I'll work on making it look better, but part of me still doesn't want to strive for perfection on this. I'm not sure I have it in me. Whenever I look close at store bought things I find mistakes, and no one will look close at this unless they learn that I reupholstered it (so don't tell anyone!). It is looking more 70s lounge than I wanted, but of course, everyone will say it looks exactly like us and will think it fits us perfectly, so I'm not too upset, I guess.

Seminary is still going great. I have a great time most days.

That's about it. We're excited to come to Utah in just a few weeks! Talk to you later.


Some Spooky Stuff

little girl in pajamas and cowboy boots instagram

We did manage to go trick-or-treating this week.

It was a last minute decision---made about an hour before we actually went. For the first time in my life, I was sick to the bone of candy and sugar, and not at all excited about getting more. Woo was having similar feelings, but we managed to forget our earlier hesitation Halloween night when we confiscated and consumed most of the kids' candy the second they were down in bed.

No one trick-or-treats in our neighborhood, so we drove to a legendary block in a neighboring town. It was worth going just to see how the houses were decorated.   I'm not even going to try to describe it.  We could have spent hours just looking at all the details in some people's yards. The owners sat outside with giant storage bins filled with candy.

We could see why as we were leaving, because there were solid lines of trick-or-treaters from the sidewalk to the front porch at every house.

family halloween costumes instagram

Ruby continued to be a hit with her wall street banker costume (only reinforcing her belief that wearing suits is awesome).

Woo had decided to be a hobo for the evening, and carried a sign that read, "Will work for treats."

Everyone thought it was part of Ruby's costume and thought it was hilarious.

The most frightening moment for Herbie is when he got licked on the face by a large dog. The poor kid screamed in terror while the people around us laughed. (Maybe they forget what it's like to be 3 feet tall, and not at all familiar with dogs?) He later admitted that the dog didn't hurt him at all, and that it felt something like kisses, but he still screamed again when a dog walked past him today.

little boy punching flexing muscles instagram

Ruby and Herbie like dogs from a distance.

little girl in barrel instagram

Moses is starting to pull-up on the couch and the bed and the bench in the bathroom. He's pretty pleased with himself when he gets to a standing position. He's no longer able to sleep in church, so I'm a little fearful of what he'll be like on the airplane. But we're flying at a different time than we normally do, and it shouldn't interfere too much with his regular nap time.

baby boy sitting on blanket instagram

Woo spent a rough two hours on the phone with a customer on Saturday. I think he's regretting having given him our phone number--especially because he already needs more help. He's had a couple of these high maintenance guys, and he's trying to figure out a good customer service policy. He actually refunded someone's money once, just so he wouldn't have to deal with him again, but that's probably not the best thing.

I walked into the fabric store envisioning a dark brown corduroy for reupholstering the armchair, and I walked out with a BRIGHT aquamarine. I guess that chair may end up right back in the kids' room when I'm finished with it.

Woo reminded me that I have a tendency to get myself worked up into a frenzy on projects and sacrifice quality for speed, so I'm trying to take this one slow, and hopefully that will help.