Bums and More Bums

Herbie's really taken a liking to dancing the last week or two. One night before dinner he was shakin' it to his favorite song ("The High Five Song"), when he yells at me, "Mom, put your hand on your bum!"


"Mom, put your hand on your bum! Like this!"

He enthusiastically slapped his bum over and over (unfortunately, not with the rhythm at all...).

I guess I have Woo to thank for teaching him that move while I've been gone to Seminary? He's really going to be quite the lady killer.

And, you knew this one was coming:
Ruby (eyeing me critically): Mom, you have a big bum! 
Herbie (running in as if he's missing something): I want to see your big bum, Mom! 
Anyway, we've had a pretty good week. Woo immediately emailed after his committee meeting with "it could've been worse." Which I understood to mean "it went well." He set a tentative graduation date for Thanksgiving 2009.

Ruby and I have had some good one-on-one time this week. She was thrilled to go visiting teaching with me. She told Herbie and Moses, "Bye, Guys!" and blew them kisses every 15 minutes for an hour before we left. Her primary teacher was also out of town and asked me to sub, so we spent all of primary together too. I was pleased that she was so happy to have me be her teacher (I guess she's still young enough for that). I even made her proud, mooing like a cow during a game of charades.

Herbie's been sick the last two days. Last night he went to bed early, and I was awakened at 7:50 this morning by, "She's MY Mom! No! She's MY Mom! Bay!" (Bay is Herbie's homemade expletive. He says it when he really means business.) Which escalated to: "I NEED you, Mom! I NEED you!"

It's great to be needed, but this didn't bode well for a pleasant day at church. Woo considered staying home with him, but decided to take him and hold him, instead of taking him to nursery. Herbie had a couple of loud outbursts, but they were short, and solved by carrying him out of the room, giving him a big hug, and offering an acceptable set of choices. Hopefully, he feels better tomorrow.

Moses is my water baby. He gets in the tub with the other kids and crawls around in pursuit of toys as if the water wasn't even there. Yesterday he fell over backwards and started to cry, but then stopped, when he realized that the water had cushioned his fall, and he hadn't hurt his head. There was no panic or fear of immediate death that Ruby and Herbie get when a little water gets near their faces.

Moses also occasionally plays a cute game of peek-a-boo with me, where he crawls away about two steps, then turns and laughs. Crawls back to my lap. Crawls away about two steps.... turns and laughs, etc.

Well, that's about it. I better get packing. We fly out tomorrow. I'm not going to write next week. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!