Just A Week In The Life--Sorry For Lameness/Laziness...


  • Our heavy cleaning day. Ruby and Herbie helped me take out the garbage, make the bed, change the laundry, wash the rugs, spray air freshener, pick clothes off the floor (Ruby is especially good at rolling Woo's belts up and putting them away), etc. 
  • Ruby and Herbie really wanted to teach the lesson, but I taught the lesson on taking care of our bodies (getting enough sleep and sleeping-in was emphasized). 


  • The kids sleep in!!!!! 
  • Woo informs me that OoTunes is attracting steady business (but not enough for even us to live off of, dang it!) 
  • I worked on the armchair after the kids went to bed. (I know you're all scared for it after my last email, but it's looking pretty good). 


  • Moses didn't nap in the afternoon for some odd/annoying reason. 
  • It was Moses' turn to come with me to Seminary. 
  • Woo makes the bold decision to work exclusively on MooTunes and get it done as fast as he can to sell in the App store. He feels that it would be more profitable than OoTunes. 
  • I worked on the armchair after the kids went to bed. 


  • I rearranged our bedroom, and decided we need a sideboard or long, low dresser in there. 
  • We baby-sat three G--- kids, one of whom wouldn't eat his dinner because he was scared of one of my paintings. 
  • Herbie says, "Hey Rover, my Grover! Come back!" while learning to play Red Rover 
  • Woo goes to give a girl and her husband blessings. She had a baby a few days ago, and now has a high fever, shakes, etc. 
  • We were invited to dine at G---'s on Friday. 
  • I rearranged the living room after the kids went to bed. (It's still not right... What to do with all those records?) 
  • Woo gets sidetracked by OoTunes again... 


  • Friday's movie day for the kids. They chose Peter Pan. Ruby was the only one who finished watching it. 
  • I made a delicious apple cheesecake for dinner at the G---'s. 
  • We were uninvited to dinner at the G---'s. The kids and I met Woo at work for a salsa contest (Woo-hoo! I didn't have to make dinner after all!) 
  • I ate half the cheesecake after the kids were in bed. 


  • We hit the thrift stores in search of a sideboard thingy. We left with more clothes for Woo. 
  • Ruby and Herbie both wanted a bike in one of the stores. Herbie threw a tantrum as I carried him out the door. 
  • 10:00pm Woo starts work on his slides for his committee meeting Monday morning. 
  • Woo creates several hilarious slides, but deletes them in favor of slides with more substance. 


  • We went to church and came home. 
  • Moses broke down, and took a sweet nap on my lap in Relief Society. 
  • The kids napped while Woo gave an older sister a blessing, and came home to receive a blessing himself (not from me... Pres. Sleet dropped by...) 
  • Woo took Herbie home teaching. 
  • I taught seminary. 
  • I wrote this email.