Thank Goodness For The Internet

Did I really used to leave the house to do my Christmas shopping? It's been great to be able to do it all lying in bed with the laptop. Merry Christmas!

I did leave the house a couple times this week, where I surprisingly found a china cabinet that fit my taste AND my budget AND Woo's records. I'm thrilled to get rid of those flimsy wire shelf things, and I finally felt good enough about the living room to start decorating it for Christmas.

The kids thought I was getting presents out instead of the decorations, and Herbie started yelling about "A bike! A bike with pedals for Kistmas!"

He wasn't too let down when I explained that there wasn't a bike, just some trees, lights and snowflakes, but Ruby was convinced that I could bring Kistmas now!

Everything about Christmas is super exciting to them, and it's fun to remember how magical and wonderful Christmas seemed to be as a kid.

Ruby remembers every song we sang on that Polar Express Train ride, and smiles and yells, "I know that song from the train!" whenever she hears one.

She also thinks Santa lives on the train. Woo and I have never decided what to tell the kids about Santa, and as a result have not said anything. Whenever anyone asks Ruby if Santa's coming to her house, she says, "No! Santa was on the train!" 

She gets a lot of confused smiles and nods.

Herbie has decided that he likes to sing. He walks around the house singing almost every word (or a variation of...) to all the songs we regularly sing. I was even surprised to hear him singing "Jesus came to John the Baptist, in Judea, long ago..." 

Not one of the first songs I expected him to learn. When we sing hymns he holds half the hymn book with us and repeats what we sing. He's pretty good at it.

Moses was clingy after the trip. Then he got shots on Monday. Then he got his two top teeth (4 total), and finally, today he's been acting like himself again---crawling, exploring, laughing and eating like he hasn't eaten in ages. Woo and Moses worked on their relationship one night with the help of a ball. Moses got hurt the next day and crawled, bawling to Woo instead of me. Woo was pretty pleased. 

Steven says that ooTunes Mobile (MooTunes) is reading to be submitted to the app store, and I think he's planning on doing that tomorrow. He's put a lot of work into it, and it really looks sharp. The original ooTunes has gone down twice this week because of the server he's running it on now. It's been a huge pain for him, and he worries about his customers. His next goal is to get a better server.

I'm being very deliberate about getting the extra protein that I need for growing a baby this pregnancy. I guess I'm an idiot for not having done this with the first three because it's taken care of the raging pregnancy appetite I usually have. I also think that I am less tired. The last hour before the kids go to bed is where I hit my wall, and luckily Woo has been stepping up and playing with the kids most nights.

I think that's about it for this week. I hope things are going well. Talk to you all later!