Very Cold, Very Drab, Very Icy Week!

This has not been the most exciting week, mostly because we've spent so much time trapped in the house. Even Steven spent several days working at home to avoid the chill he couldn't avoid either riding his bike, taking the bus (standing, waiting in the cold), or driving (parking far away and walking).

I still had a couple of things I wanted to get/do before Christmas, but I didn't feel good about taking myself or the kids out on those icy roads. We finally had some relief on Friday and Saturday, and I was able to get stuff done, but today is the freezing-est day of them all. I'm so glad I'm not crossing any mountain passes with a handcart, or homeless, or anything.

Today the primary sang several Christmas songs dressed as the Nativity. Ruby walked into the chapel dressed half as an angel and half as a shepherd. She stood with the other shepherds---the only girl---and described herself as either a shepherd or an "angel-shepherd."

I'm guessing that she was encouraged to be an angel with the other little girls, but that she insisted on being a shepherd.

Woo tried to get her excited about Christmas Eve by telling her that she'd get to be Mary. Well, it turns out that she does not want to be Mary at all. There was some yelling and some tears, and to make a long story short, she's agreed to be a "baby-Mary" if I'm a "mom-Mary."

Friday, in the store, Herbie was thrilled to discover some Spiderman sunglasses in his size. Just as he slid them on his nose, "The Jingle Bell Rock" came over the loud speaker. Even if he didn't love the Christmas tree that dances to that song at Mom's house, we all know it's a great song to dance to. He immediately started pulling all his best moves. I don't think he's ever felt cooler. It's too bad that he'll dance like there's no tomorrow in the middle of the store, wearing sunglasses, but he's too inhibited to dance for anyone he knows.

It's really a sight to see, but unfortunately, you'll never see it.

Moses has discovered that he doesn't have to immediately fall asleep just because I've put him in his crib. He's pretty pleased with his discovery, peeking at me over the blanket I've hung over his crib at nap time and laughing like it's amazing. I usually find a couple of books in his crib in the morning that he's managed to reach and maneuver through the bars. Luckily, he doesn't play around for hours. It just seems to last a few minutes, and then he drops down to snooze.

Woo still hasn't released ooTunes mobile yet. The closer he gets, the more glitches he finds, it seems. Sometimes he feels like there's no light at the end of the tunnel, but he keeps plugging away. It's certainly a good thing he's doing this, and not me. He has the patience and perseverance to see a project to perfection that I just don't have.

He's also getting dangerously close to actually buying an iPhone. He's applied for a special credit card (to get money back on AT&T purchases), and he's been accepted as a supplier for the card (so he'll receive $$ back that way too), and has generally got it all figured out to cost him as little money as is humanly possible.

Also, I guess I announced our pregnancy a couple weeks too early, because I miscarried this week. I don't know how other women feel, but I don't feel like I'm grieving at all. It was unexpected, but I'd much rather have a miscarriage than a stillborn or baby born with genetic defects. We'll just have to try again later.

We're excited to celebrate Ruby's birthday and Christmas this week. Merry Christmas everyone!