What A Week!

Background From Last Week 

  • My bread machine broke while attempting to make swedish tea rings for the neighbors. 
  • We picked up the donated bread for the branch. Which meant we had a huge box of pastries in the kitchen (it causes contention when passed out to the branch). 


  • We a guy named Ernest came for dinner. 
  • We pass out plates of St. Louis Bread Co. pastries to the neighbors. 
  • I go grocery shopping after the kids are in bed. 
  • Woo works on ooTunes. 


  • Ruby's birthday! (4 years old) 
  •  She gets: goggles, baseball bat, soft ball, books, clothes, doll, money and phone calls from Marcus, Taija and Grandma. 
  • She requested french fries, chicken strips and peas for dinner. Donuts for dessert. 
  • I apparently can't make donuts without a bread machine because the dough never rose. 
  • In frustration, I make a quick trip to the store for donuts before the G--- kids come. 
  • Ruby has the time of her life. 
  • Herbie has a rough day---keeps talking about when it will be his birthday. 
  • B-- G-- (6 months) cries for one hour straight. 
  • I bake and bake after the kids go to bed. 
  • Woo works on ooTunes. 
  • We receive a call from the bishop of a ward in our stake: They want to bring us presents for Christmas. Will we be home from 10-12? We're not sure what to feel---anger, excitement, confusion? We didn't think we needed more presents, but we'll take 'em. 
  • At 12:30 we go to bed---nothing! 


  • We realize they probably meant 10-12 today, but we'll be gone. 
  • Go to a Christmas Eve party at the G---'s. 
  • Ruby refuses to be Mary. She insists on being a shepherd. 
  • Herbie, as Joseph, holds the baby Jesus and rides Woo, the donkey. 
  • Moses is bothered by all the noise and ruckus. We come home to find presents for the kids from the Parkway Ward (Moses now owns a few outfits from Nordstrom). 
  • After our nap everyone is still tired and worn out. We order pizza for dinner. 
  • The pizza is undercooked and gross. We get credit for a free pizza later. 
  • We read some Christmas stories and sing songs. 
  • The kids are all riled up, and at one point all three are crying. Woo decides it's a good time to wish me "Merry Christmas!" 
  • Kids go to bed. 
  • I make turtles for Woo's Christmas. 
  • Woo works on ooTunes.


  • Merry Christmas! 
  • The kids enjoy opening their presents. I think they all are a hit, and they entertain themselves peacefully for the next two days. 
  • A very relaxing day. 


  • Another great, relaxing day. 
  • Woo gets lots of positive feedback from ooTunes testers, but it's still not ready! So close! 


  • In the morning, we talk to Woo's parents. 
  • In the afternoon, we go to another party... this is definitely getting to the kids. 
  • I design my first website after the kids go to bed. 


  • Church 
  • Ate more leftovers (I haven't had to cook for 3 days! :)) 
  • Sensory overload for me leads to long and boring email for you.