We did video interviews for family home evening this week. I thought we were just going to interview the kids, but then Woo wanted us to take a turn too. I was a little surprised at first, but then I realized that it's an awesome idea. I'd love to watch an interview of Mom and Dad or grandparents when they were my age, or when they had 3 little kids too.

Some highlights:
Me: Who's the president of the United States? 
Ruby: President Monson! 
Me: Hmmm. Who's the president of the Church? 
Ruby: Barack Obama! 
Me and Woo (laughing): Oh
Ruby: President Eyring? 

Woo: What's your favorite food? 
Herbie: Alfred. 
Woo: Alfred? 
Herbie: Alfred. 
Woo: Hmmm... Alfredo? Fettucini Alfredo? 
Herbie: Yeah. 
Ruby gave her first scripture in primary today--Matthew 6:21. She was very excited, and did a great job. Woo and I watched from the back of the room. She had it memorized and may have missed a word or two, but she spoke loudly, clearly and did it all by herself.

I think it was a bit anti-climatic for her, though, since at home she received cheering and adoration for a job well done, and her performance in church was met with silence. She waited expectantly for a bit before running back to her (silently) cheering parents.

We also discovered this week that Ruby has the 1st Article of Faith memorized. Thank you primary.

Herbie has gotten very stocky. I can't look at him without thinking that his head and belly are gigantic. His cheeks are huge, and when he's mad he has a way of throwing his head back into his neck so that it makes them look even bigger, which has the unintended effect of making his parents laugh. I can't imagine anything worse, than passionately trying to make a point, and having your audience laugh at you, but he seems to take it pretty well.

Herbie threw up twice today, and exploded once out the other end. I can remember the kids throwing up three times now. Once was at Mom and Dad's house, and the washing machine has been out of commission for the other two. He went through all the clean clothes he had left in a matter of minutes.

Moses continues to have a good time fiddling with stuff. He loves balls, dolls, and markers. We gave him a marker (with the lid on, of course!), and he just laughed and laughed. He held it out, looked at it from a few different angles, put it in his mouth, laughed and laughed some more... he just couldn't get enough of it.

He also likes to crawl as fast as he can with a cup held upside down in one hand. I think he's getting tooth #6 right now.

Speaking of teeth... a large chunk of one of my molars broke off in Sunday School last week. I have a dreaded dentist's appointment tomorrow.

Today was the first day that I had 0 kids show up for seminary. It may be for the best. I was planning on reading Acts 10, and then talking about the 1978 revelation on the priesthood. But since I'm always the only white person in the room, it may have gone over like a lead balloon.

Actually, I think it would've been fine, and I was curious to find out how they felt about it, but alas, it was not to be.

Steven solved the problem that was scourging him last week (which I never doubted that he would...) just in time to quickly resubmit ooTunes (---rejected for some minor graphics thing) with the new changes. He's pretty excited about the finished product.

He was also contacted this week by a company who's seen the betas and wants to rebrand ooTunes as their own. Woo's been talking to them, and it looks like he'll be able to continue ooTunes for himself, and make some minor changes and a brand change for them. I think this is his first foray into business negotiations.

Well, that's about it for now. I hope everyone is doing well. We'll talk to you later.



little girl lederhosen instagram

You've probably already heard about the freeze in the midwest, and let me tell you, it was piercing.

We knew our house was drafty, but with the temperatures in the negatives, the leaks from outside were really noticeable. It was like walking through ice water every time we walked past the front door. At the end of the second day, I finally tacked up a heavy blanket over it.

Anyway, we're out of that now, and are truly enjoying our days in the 20s and 30s. Hopefully, those were our coldest days of the winter.

The plus side (which I do appreciate) is that we'll have much fewer bugs in the spring since the ground froze so deep.

little girl pajamas dad instagram

Wednesday evening, I was calmly informed that Woo's app was done.

On Saturday evening, it was finally submitted, but don't congratulate us, we're not happy about it.

Woo is "100% sure" that it's going to be rejected, and he also discovered a problem that works now, but won't work when Apple updates stuff.

As I'm writing this Woo discovered my Christmas present from someone at church..."Only the BIGGEST corn bag anyone has seen or made!!! Let's bust it open, and eat it! We need the food!"

It looks to be about 12"x18".

kids making train car truck with chairs instagram

I used to think that Ruby and Herbie were such good friends because they were so close in age, but now I think it's just Ruby, since she seems to be building a similar bond with Moses (who is also pretty close to her in age, I guess).

One night after dinner we heard Ruby tinkering in the kitchen and discovered that she had cleared absolutely everything off the table. I was probably spared a heart attack since I didn't actually have to watch her carry all the dishes to the dishwasher. Instead I could just be thrilled that she'd been so helpful.

Just when I'd decided to look again for a local preschool for Ruby, I learned that the new kids in Herbie's nursery had been flashing gang signs (!?!) along with being violent, etc. No wonder the class was in an uproar.

Also, Herbie's new favorite word is "dangerous."
"No, Dad! I'm not hilarious. That's dangerous!"  
"Ruby, don't look at that book! That's dangerous!"  
"Ruby, I don't want you to wear my socks! They're dangerous!" 
Apparently, the serious nature of "dangerous" has gone over his head. At least he knows it's something negative.

little boy and girl siblings lederhosen instagram

Herbie requested the lederhosen today for church, which he wore to the amusement and delight of many.

baby boy smiling instagram

Moses stood by himself, for short amounts of time, twice this week. He seems to be on track to be our earliest walker. He's experimenting a lot with sounds right now. A lot of "mmmm, mma, mmomms" and "daaa, daaa, daaads" as well as lots of random buzzes and squeaks.

He continues to be an excellent and good natured baby. The easiest we've ever had.


Just A Week

Well, I did something crazy this week. I offered to host someone's baby shower. I really don't know what got into me, and after attending another one this week, I was really regretting it. But, it's really unfair for me to criticize without having done a thing myself, and if anyone can throw a great party in the name of baby showers, it's me (ha!).

Ruby informed us at dinner that next Halloween she's going to be a President Uchtdorf-Spiderman. I'm not really sure what that all is going to involve, but I'm pretty sure a suit will be part of it. Maybe a mask.

Maybe it's just that I'm her mother, or maybe it's because she's wearing her own clothes more frequently, or maybe she's just at a cute stage, but Ruby has been looking quite striking to me lately. She did, in fact, get whistled at today (by a harmless "older" gentleman---and don't tell me he whistles at everyone...).

Herbie started off having a bit of a violent week (for a two year old), lots of yelling and hitting. He's been pretty close to normal the last couple of days. We're not quite sure exactly what caused it, possibly a number of things, including a new group of rascals in nursery.

Last week when I picked him up, half the kids were crying, and the frazzled nursery leader pointed to a couple of innocent looking tykes on the couch, "This nursery just hasn't been the same since those kids started coming!"

We just figured that the new kids would learn to behave in nursery, and Herbie would get over it, but I've had two or three people apologize to me about the ruckus in nursery last week. Am I supposed to be upset about it? Maybe I don't have the whole story?

I feel like I hardly see Moses these days. He's gotten so independent and curious that he spends most of his awake hours off inspecting something, and he rarely wants to sit in my lap anymore. It doesn't look like he's going to be much of a snuggler.

On Wednesday, Moses walked a few steps while pushing a chair, but stopped the second we got the camera out, of course. It seems like he might be saying, "ma ma ma" to me sometimes, but it's not clear enough for me to be really sure. Also, he's discovered that an open toilet is lots of fun.

Woo's goal was to have ooTunes finished this week. I worked on some things for him most evenings, and he made a lot of progress every day. We thought it was possible, but at 11:00pm last night, it was clear that he just wasn't going to make it. I'm hesitant to say it'll be done tomorrow, since I did that once... about 4 weeks ago?

Woo would probably tell you that the highlights of his week were: being paid $45 to fall asleep for a research study while being prodded by lasers, singing the Big Red commercial song to the kids as a lullaby, and finally going to Costco where we bought 70 rolls of his favorite toilet paper.

Well, that's about it. I hope every one is doing great! Talk to you later.


Family Games

We've been playing a lot of hide-n-seek lately. I don't normally like to brag, but Steven and I are actually waaaaaaay, waaaaaay better than the kids at it. I came in late to the first game. Ruby and Herbie were in the back room trying their darndest to find Woo. When I went in to help them, he was in plain sight, with his nose to the wall. True, he was wearing a coat with a hood on it and was standing in front of a coat rack, but come on, guys!

Another time they requested my help, they were standing two feet in front of him and couldn't see him at all. Yes, he was standing behind a curtain, but his ankles and feet were right there for anyone to see! I hid in the closet once, with Moses close on my heels. I thought he'd give me away for sure, but the second I closed the door, it was like I'd vanished to him.

Anyway, it was fun being so awesome the first couple of times, but schooling the kids all the time is starting to get a little old.

Ruby started thanking me for making dinner regularly a couple of months ago, but now it's become a contest between Ruby, Herbie and Woo to see who can say, "Thank you for making dinner, Mom!" first.

The kids are actually way better than Woo at this one. Woo has won a couple of times, and he's been pretty pleased with himself, but he's won less than he thinks he has because Herbie has started to thank me while I'm still making dinner---before Woo is even around.

Even if he isn't the first, it's still great to hear Woo say, "Thanks for making dinner, Cheltz!" and Ruby and Herbie chorus, "Thanks for making dinner, Cheltz!" (They seem to think they're pretty funny when they call me Cheltz).

It seems like this week Moses has really started to feel like a part of the gang. He'll follow Ruby and Herbie around the house with his quick little crawl, and barge right in to touch and get his mouth on whatever they're playing with. One night, when I was gone, Woo tells me that all three of them were playing with one ball, and that it was very cute.

This week has been a crazy roller coaster ride for Woo. At the heights I hear things like, "This is big! This is so big, they won't accept it!", "This is better than Apple's own stuff!", "If I had 5 other guys who could program as well as me, I'd be a billionaire!"

Then a couple of hours later, I hear: "Why am I so stupid?", "I hate computers!" and "This is never going to be done, Cheltz."

Naturally, I don't believe a word he says when he's at the bottom of the ride. I choose to believe that the truth is somewhere closer to the top. (He's sitting here going crazy now, "Cheltz! It's killing me!" because he really, really, really wants to work on ooTunes, but is trying to keep the Sabbath Day holy).

Anyway, that's enough for now. I hope everyone's doing well. Talk to you later.