Family Games

We've been playing a lot of hide-n-seek lately. I don't normally like to brag, but Steven and I are actually waaaaaaay, waaaaaay better than the kids at it. I came in late to the first game. Ruby and Herbie were in the back room trying their darndest to find Woo. When I went in to help them, he was in plain sight, with his nose to the wall. True, he was wearing a coat with a hood on it and was standing in front of a coat rack, but come on, guys!

Another time they requested my help, they were standing two feet in front of him and couldn't see him at all. Yes, he was standing behind a curtain, but his ankles and feet were right there for anyone to see! I hid in the closet once, with Moses close on my heels. I thought he'd give me away for sure, but the second I closed the door, it was like I'd vanished to him.

Anyway, it was fun being so awesome the first couple of times, but schooling the kids all the time is starting to get a little old.

Ruby started thanking me for making dinner regularly a couple of months ago, but now it's become a contest between Ruby, Herbie and Woo to see who can say, "Thank you for making dinner, Mom!" first.

The kids are actually way better than Woo at this one. Woo has won a couple of times, and he's been pretty pleased with himself, but he's won less than he thinks he has because Herbie has started to thank me while I'm still making dinner---before Woo is even around.

Even if he isn't the first, it's still great to hear Woo say, "Thanks for making dinner, Cheltz!" and Ruby and Herbie chorus, "Thanks for making dinner, Cheltz!" (They seem to think they're pretty funny when they call me Cheltz).

It seems like this week Moses has really started to feel like a part of the gang. He'll follow Ruby and Herbie around the house with his quick little crawl, and barge right in to touch and get his mouth on whatever they're playing with. One night, when I was gone, Woo tells me that all three of them were playing with one ball, and that it was very cute.

This week has been a crazy roller coaster ride for Woo. At the heights I hear things like, "This is big! This is so big, they won't accept it!", "This is better than Apple's own stuff!", "If I had 5 other guys who could program as well as me, I'd be a billionaire!"

Then a couple of hours later, I hear: "Why am I so stupid?", "I hate computers!" and "This is never going to be done, Cheltz."

Naturally, I don't believe a word he says when he's at the bottom of the ride. I choose to believe that the truth is somewhere closer to the top. (He's sitting here going crazy now, "Cheltz! It's killing me!" because he really, really, really wants to work on ooTunes, but is trying to keep the Sabbath Day holy).

Anyway, that's enough for now. I hope everyone's doing well. Talk to you later.