Just A Week

Well, I did something crazy this week. I offered to host someone's baby shower. I really don't know what got into me, and after attending another one this week, I was really regretting it. But, it's really unfair for me to criticize without having done a thing myself, and if anyone can throw a great party in the name of baby showers, it's me (ha!).

Ruby informed us at dinner that next Halloween she's going to be a President Uchtdorf-Spiderman. I'm not really sure what that all is going to involve, but I'm pretty sure a suit will be part of it. Maybe a mask.

Maybe it's just that I'm her mother, or maybe it's because she's wearing her own clothes more frequently, or maybe she's just at a cute stage, but Ruby has been looking quite striking to me lately. She did, in fact, get whistled at today (by a harmless "older" gentleman---and don't tell me he whistles at everyone...).

Herbie started off having a bit of a violent week (for a two year old), lots of yelling and hitting. He's been pretty close to normal the last couple of days. We're not quite sure exactly what caused it, possibly a number of things, including a new group of rascals in nursery.

Last week when I picked him up, half the kids were crying, and the frazzled nursery leader pointed to a couple of innocent looking tykes on the couch, "This nursery just hasn't been the same since those kids started coming!"

We just figured that the new kids would learn to behave in nursery, and Herbie would get over it, but I've had two or three people apologize to me about the ruckus in nursery last week. Am I supposed to be upset about it? Maybe I don't have the whole story?

I feel like I hardly see Moses these days. He's gotten so independent and curious that he spends most of his awake hours off inspecting something, and he rarely wants to sit in my lap anymore. It doesn't look like he's going to be much of a snuggler.

On Wednesday, Moses walked a few steps while pushing a chair, but stopped the second we got the camera out, of course. It seems like he might be saying, "ma ma ma" to me sometimes, but it's not clear enough for me to be really sure. Also, he's discovered that an open toilet is lots of fun.

Woo's goal was to have ooTunes finished this week. I worked on some things for him most evenings, and he made a lot of progress every day. We thought it was possible, but at 11:00pm last night, it was clear that he just wasn't going to make it. I'm hesitant to say it'll be done tomorrow, since I did that once... about 4 weeks ago?

Woo would probably tell you that the highlights of his week were: being paid $45 to fall asleep for a research study while being prodded by lasers, singing the Big Red commercial song to the kids as a lullaby, and finally going to Costco where we bought 70 rolls of his favorite toilet paper.

Well, that's about it. I hope every one is doing great! Talk to you later.