A Week

Ruby had her first week of soccer this week. I guess we failed to prepare her for the fact that she wouldn't be constantly kicking a soccer ball into a goal because that is all that she wanted to do. Before the coach actually started, Woo tried to take her aside, but she was so intent on kicking that ball --- she didn't hear a word he said.

Once they got started, doing some warm ups and drills, she followed along reluctantly, but you could tell she still really wanted to do her own thing. (If you ever get the chance to watch a group of 4 year olds do jumping jacks, you're in for a treat, by the way). And who can blame her? Why would you want to do stretches when there are soccer balls lying around waiting to be kicked? I think she'll have a better idea of what to expect next time.

Herbie is a very particular little boy. And by particular, I mean that he likes to have his things just so. He likes to have his cup, his plate, and his utensils to all be the same color (usually orange, but he's not mad if they're not available), and if his shirt matches them too, that's even better! (He's getting his colors right about 80% of the time now). He carefully places each item on the table, just how he wants them.

I've mentioned before how he is when we eat out, and today we got complimented on his Sacrament meeting habits. He was carefully sitting on a stack of 3 hymn books that he'd arranged, leafing page by page through one of my manuals or looking at the speaker. For a song he'd carefully remove a book from his stack, turn to a page, and "sing" with us.

Moses is on the road to walking. It seems like he's pretty capable, but not very motivated at this point. He can push the walker around and maneuver it, but usually only goes a few steps before we spot him and cheer for him. Then he immediately stops. Maybe that's it... he'd rather not have an audience. He also is capable of standing without support, but is not super excited about doing that for us either. 

Moses has discovered that Herbie is the one he can follow into the bathroom to get to that open toilet. I've discovered them in there together a few times this week, and luckily only had to clean up one finger painting project.

Steven continues to work hard on ooTunes. Downloads are staying consistent. We won't be millionaires... or even close, but it does seem like this could support a family. ooTunes hovers around number 26 in the top music downloads. Steven thinks it could be top 20 with a new icon and a little promotion, but he doesn't think he'll be ready to handle that for another month or two.

He's assembled a team of two other people for his other idea --- Who I Knew, which seems like it will start making progress. He wonders what to do about school.

I've been recovering the plastic chairs that I used to have at the table. They're in the living room now, and needed to be a different color. I didn't want to paint them again because the paint wears off and because there are some dings/cracks in the plastic, so i've been covering them with spray adhesive and some fabric. It was easy to do and covered the blemishes effectively, so I'm pretty happy. I also spent time designing a baby shower invitation and knitting a baby hat.

Well, that's about it. Talk to you later!