FINALLY, the ooTunes app is on the market! I mostly feel relief. Woo has been a bundle of nerves. Friday night we scurried to finish the tutorial and a couple of other things before it's first day (yesterday).

For those of you who are still wondering just what in the world ooTunes is, you should check out our tutorial. http://ootunes.com/app/tutorial/ You can click on the iphone screen to move through it and see just what Woo's been up to. I also made every image in the app (except the volume button. Yes, i even made the triangles, back-button, etc.)

My best work, I think, is in the playlist (click on "login", then "no"). I also did the layout for the web page (I'm seeing now that a couple of my links are the wrong color, dang!), and put all those hotspots in the screenshots (I was ready to tear someone's head off by the end... and I may have...).

Woo did the javascript on the page, and of course, everything else Woo did is described in the tutorial. It too much/complicated to describe here. I think he's done a wonderful job, and there doesn't seem to be a single detail that he's overlooked.

I failed to write about our special "Saying No! to Strangers" FHE a couple of weeks ago. After the lesson we took turns putting on a ski mask and pretending to be a stranger. Ruby did an excellent job of forcefully saying "NO!!!," although I'm less confident of her abilities when there's actually candy involved.

Herbie, however, was an absolute sucker.
Me (looking suspicious in a ski mask): Hi, Herbie! 
Herbie: Hi. 
Me: Herbie, did you know that I have a backhoe truck? 
Herbie (perking up): Yeah? 
Me: Would you like to come ride with me in my backhoe truck? 
Herbie (jumping off the couch and running to me): YES! 
At this point Woo had to step in. But Herbie got the hang of it eventually, and "stranger" has become one of his favorite games.

Moses is reaching my favorite baby age. I've never been one who could stare for hours at a sleeping newborn, but I could probably watch Moses for hours now (if I didn't have anything else to do, of course). Every thought in his head shows on his face, and I love when he's accomplished something that he's proud of. Something like successfully crawling over a large toy or being the first kid to reach something awesome. I love how he smiles and dances when he hears music, and of course, his baby jabber.

Here's a conversation between Steven and Ruby before I go.
Steven: Where did you get your good looks Ruby? 
Ruby (scowls, turns away, tries not to smile) 
Steven: Was it from your Dad? 
Ruby: NO! 
Steven: Was it from your Mom? 
Ruby: NO! 
Steven: Then where did you get your good looks, Ruby? 
Ruby: From another family! 
Well, that's about it. I hope everyone has fun watching Tyson this week. Good luck, Tys!