Truth and Consequence

Herbie's learned a lot about consequences this week. He missed going outside to play with Woo in the snow twice, and going to seminary with me.

The worst one (for me) is when he didn't get to go to seminary. It was his week to go, and he'd been talking about it all day. In the morning, he put on his favorite outfit, "Do you think TaLeisha will like my camo jacket at seminary, Mom?" (FYI there is no TaLeisha, but it was a good guess anyway).

The rule is that the kid going to seminary with me has to finish their dinner quickly so I can make it on time, but even with reminders he didn't eat a bite. Instead he blissfully talked about what he was going to do at seminary. It was really hard to leave him, but in the car I remembered that I'd rather have him learn about consequences now, then later when the stakes are higher. Plus, I want him to believe what I say. Anyway, he's gotten the message and has done a lot better yesterday and today.

Ruby is showing a huge interest in letters, words and writing these days. She surprised us a couple of months ago by showing us a paper with her doctor's appointment written on it, "Look Mom! Somebody wrote my name!"

She sees Rs everywhere she goes, and she calls them hers. Just like all Hs are Herbie's. She's written a couple of very simple letters by herself, and whenever she gets a card or letter in the mail, she grabs a pencil and tries to "write" on it.

When we say random words, she usually can tell us what letter that word starts with. She also is surprisingly good at coloring in the lines in her coloring book. At least I was surprised, maybe it's something all kids her age can do. I don't know, but I'm still impressed.

Moses loves that bathtub. He makes a beeline for it every time someone's in the bathroom. He's still too short to topple in, thank goodness. He's been doing more walking while pushing chairs and benches and his little scooter thing, but still crawls mostly.

It's hard to believe that he'll be a year old this month. He's been such an easy baby. He and I have spent some fun one-on-one time this week while Ruby and Herbie have played with Woo in the snow.

Negotiations with Y--.com broke down on Wednesday. Two hours later ooTunes was accepted and put up for sale. Woo had to disable it because parts of his program relied on them. I guess that no step of this is going to come easily. It felt like a death knell, and Woo wondered if he should just quit. But, of course, another day, another mood. Woo had some new ideas, took an extra trip to the temple, and came up with a good plan. He's proposed some new things to Y--, and he made changes to ooTunes so that he can disable Y--' stuff or use it depending on what happens, and he's not dependent on them. He submitted the new ooTunes last night.

In other events, he made a gigantic snowman in the backyard, and named it in honor of me. He's pretty pleased with his snowman making skills.

I finally got my hands on some Shannon Hale books. These days, part of me likes to have a fun novel around, and part of me avoids it. Mostly because I just keep reading and reading and I stay up way to late. I read Goose Girl in one night. Then I decided to take a day off... so two nights later I finished Princess Academy.

Well, that's pretty much it for our week. Talk to you later.