A Survivor Weekend

I didn't write last week because Tyson was still here visiting. He called to say he was coming on Tuesday, and on Friday he was here. It was great to have him visit. It felt like years and years since I've hung out with him at all, because it seems like the last few times we've gone home, he's been gone or always hanging out with his way cooler friends.

We went on a nice long run (which I haven't done since Ruby was a baby), went to the zoo, played croquet, had Coach over for dinner (which Woo requested), watched Survivor, went on walks and other stuff.

It was nice to have another Apostol in the house when we broke open the bag of m&ms. Tyson and I dug in while Woo spoke up about getting his fair share. Tyson informed him (correctly) that we don't get equal amounts of treats, but equal amounts of time (in which to eat the treats).

This exchange happened on one of our walks:
Woo: Herbie! Get out of the street! Even though you are fat and cuddly, a car could still very much hurt you if it hit you! 
Ruby (very brightly): Yes, Herbie! And then you will go live in the cemetery, and then... you will live again! 
Woo: While you are technically correct, Ruby, I think it would be much more disturbing than that. 
Coach was elated to see Tyson and spent 5 hours at our house. They laughed and told stories like old mission companions. Woo secretly taped them playing croquet and not so secretly telling insider stories.

Ruby greeted him with, "I have a different coach!"

Herbie said he was grateful that "Tyson's coach could come" as he blessed the food.

I cooked up a storm, and Moses took absolutely no notice of him at all.

I unfortunately missed Ruby's first talk today (I had to take Moses home. More on that later...) She talked on extended families, telling a story about Pres. Faust and his Aunt Ada, and a story about Tyson's visit. Woo says she did great. She got stuck on only one sentence (the main one, about why extended family is important), and since Woo didn't know exactly what she was supposed to say, and because he was still sitting on the back row, he threw out just enough words for her to finish her sentence. He said it was just as intelligible (if not more) than the other 4 year old, whose Dad whispered everything into his ear.

I've been working on weaning Moses this week. He's been drinking the milk fine, but didn't figure out that I was gradually adding more milk and taking away nursing until yesterday, and he was mad about it. He didn't nap well, which made him an absolute mess at church today. I finally just took him home early, fed him a cup of milk, and popped him in bed, where he immediately went to sleep. He was much more pleasant after that.

Herbie thinks Tyson is still at the airport. We did drop him off there. I can't think of anywhere else he could've gone without us seeing.

I've spent a lot of time this week working on the new ootunes website. I did change the logo so it has a more "mature" look, and I finally checked out the competitions' websites, and decided that they definitely had us in website design. So I did what I could to make it look better. It's still not perfect, but hey, I'm still a beginner!

Other than that, I've been taking it pretty easy. After the baby shower, and having a visitor, I'm tired of cleaning the house. It's a disaster right now. I'll get back on track tomorrow.

Woo had a two week ooTunes "high" that was dashed this afternoon with a bad review...that just happens to be untrue. He really wishes there was a way to contact these people and talk it over with them, or at least be able to defend himself when other people read it.

Whew! That's it for now. Talk to you all later!