Keep The Commandments

Ruby's been concerned about keeping the commandments this week.
Me: Thank you, guys for getting in the car so quickly. That was great! 
Herbie: We are being obedient! 
Ruby: We are keeping the commandments! 

Ruby: Mom! Herbie's not keeping the commandments! 
He appeared to just be standing there to me, but maybe she can read his mind? discern his thoughts? I decided to let it go.

I did finally get tired of Ruby and Herbie wearing Moses' pants as shorts (Herbie was very kind to let Moses wear "my shorts" to church today) enough that I got out their real shorts from the basement. 

Ruby and Herbie love clothes and they have strong opinions about style. I bought Ruby a couple of things at Target, and I've finally learned to only get the most masculine looking things in blue or grey. I even got her a couple of t-shirts from the boy's section, and because Herbie has like 20 pairs of shorts, I let her have his least favorite ones for herself. Everyone appears to be happy.

She may like boys clothes, but Ruby is still very feminine. She's been playing the "hurt feelings" card quite a lot lately, to mixed results.

After bickering about something for a bit, Herbie bellowed, "NO!"

Ruby was immediately stunned, "Herbie, you just hurt my feelings!"

This took all the wind out of his sails, "Ok. I will give a kiss to your feelings."

And he planted one on her cheek.

It does not, however, work when you're trying to get your parents to let you do anything you want.

Moses has become Master-of-the-Couch. Yes, he can climb up all by himself. He can crawl from one length to the other, giggling with glee. He can bring a toy up with him that he can sit and inspect while on the couch. I can tell that he feels like he's reached some sort of milestone, and he's finally able to do something that he's envied of the rest of us. His dismounts are still a bit risky, but he evidently feels that it's worth it.

Steven had me make a new logo for his latest brainchild: ooMergency. Apparently 4 guys from Orem (the jerks!) have made a successful app that plays police scanners. Woo, of course, knows how it can be improved upon, so he's set the wheels in motion.

He also announced in church (well, just to me), that he's going to make conference available on ooTunes, and he has about 50 apps he can give out free. If you know anyone who'd like to listen to conference on their iPhone/iPodTouch, send them here: http://lds-general-conference-on-iphone-ipod.blogspot.com/.

I've been pretty restless this week. I really would like a change... like a move. I thought about channeling that restlessness into doing something creative, like making a bench out of a coffee table and one of our imitation Eames chairs, or into writing a blog, but I haven't gotten too far with either. I'll probably feel differently next week. Rainy, grey days this week, haven't helped my itch.

Well, that's about it for now. I'll talk to you all later!