Happy Birthday, Herbie!

Herbie celebrated his 3rd birthday this week. Finally, he was able to have his special day. He requested cake, ice cream, and donuts for dinner. He got Fettuccini Alfredo and ice cream.

His favorite presents were the backhoe truck, hard hat, and tool vest. Ruby's favorite presents were the hard hat and the tool vest (she's requested them for her birthday), and Moses' favorite presents were the backhoe truck and hard hat.

Herbie's been really very good about sharing them. There's only been a disagreement once or twice. 

And... Herbie also was dry (with some help from me) at night for the first time. I've spent the first part of the week trying to figure out exactly when he was peeing. I've known that I probably needed to do this with him for about a year, but I kept hoping he'd just figure it out himself (like everyone else's kids, dang it!).

I was expecting one trouble spot like Ruby, but no, he pees every 2-3 hours! I managed to get him dry Wednesday by taking him to the potty at 10pm, 12pm, 2:30am, and 4:30pm, and it's worked every night since. I haven't been as tired as I expected, but I'm not going to keep this up forever, of course. I have a few ideas on where to go from here, and I'll keep you posted.

Well, I don't think there's going to be any preschool for Ruby, but we've gotten her some workbooks. She loves doing them, and catches on to stuff quickly.

She spent a lot of time on Monday and Tuesday being President Monson, wearing suits, coming from and going to conferences, giving talks... I had to wonder to myself: "Is there another kid in the world doing this?"

She did break from tradition later in the week to announce that she'd like to be a monkey for Halloween.

Moses loves to do three things: stand on the armchair, get into Woo's records under the pinball machine, and get into the cabinets in the bathroom. I don't like him to do any of them, but I've decided to let him have the armchair. It's right in front of the window, and he loves to stare outside, even if there's nothing going on out there. Yesterday, he and Herbie were enthralled on the armchair for an hour, watching the man across the street mow the lawn.

Steven finally got released as Elders Quorum President and got called as... Young Mens President (again!). His dreams of being someone else's minion will have to wait until another day. I think he's starting to get excited in spite of himself, because he does love the young men. He's not sure he can be a fun leader anymore, though... he's gotten so old and boring (that would be my influence :).

Well, that's about it. Talk to you all later!