A Day Late...

Well, I thought I was feeling better, and sometimes I am, but not everyday. I was feeling pretty poor yesterday, and decided to take a week off, but today has been fine, so here I am...

The doctor (Dr. Duhart) who attended Moses' birth died this spring, and a bill legalizing midwifery in Missouri passed the State Legislator last year, so I've been interviewing midwives. I'll tell you, it's going to be hard to beat Dr. Duhart's 5000+ births... 200 just doesn't look that impressive against it.

I also may have just as hard of a time fitting in with midwives as I do doctors. I've been asked some interesting questions: "Are you vegan, vegetarian, or... (they didn't quite know how to put this one) regular?"

They assumed I was still nursing Moses (Nope, a year is enough for me). Also, I don't think pitocin is so evil that I wouldn't gladly take a shot of it if I were hemorrhaging, over trying a few herbal concoctions first.

Anyway, every midwife has a little different philosophy, and I think that it is possible to find what I want... I'll talk to a couple more, I guess. Actually, the first one was professional and relies on real drugs for emergencies. Other than the vegan question, she seemed pretty normal. Maybe I'm not going to find perfection. We'll see.

A new family moved into our branch. They have a little boy Herbie's age named H-- (great name, btw), and a little girl Ruby's age named C--.

I picked Herbie up from nursery to find the visiting Stake leaders and H--'s mother laughing. It turns out that H-- and Herbie look a lot alike, and that they'll answer "yes" to any question asked of them.
"Are you two brothers?"  
"Are you twins?"  
The whole time the Stake leaders couldn't get over how cute it was that there were twin boys named Herbie and H--, until H--'s mother showed up and ruined the whole illusion.

(Also, you can ask Herbie any question starting with, "Do you know... ?" and he'll always say "Yes." But, when you ask him to elaborate, he'll say, "I don't know.")

Ruby met C-- at the branch picnic on Saturday, and Ruby encountered a new social situation. C-- thought that Ruby was really, really cool. I'd say that the other primary kids really like Ruby, but she's younger than them and with the boy her age, who just moved away, it was the other way around: Ruby idolized him.

So this was a new experience for Ruby. She reacted by showing off, and being a little haughty. I watched her dash around the playground barking out what to do next. When they got close to me, I heard C-- say, "Let's pretend we're Disney princesses!"
"No! (nose in the air) I'm going to be President Uchtdorf!" 
C--'s older brother was also there, "But, President Uchtdorf is a boy!"

Ruby was completely undeterred, "I'm going to be a boy for Halloween!"

I don't know how long C--'s fascination is going to last.

On a side note: We really don't know where Ruby's obsession with President Uchtdorf has come from. It's not like we talk about him all the time, or watch clips of him speaking for fun. We think it has something to do with the fact that he wears a suit, and we also think that she's fascinated with his name. But, really we have no idea.

We've all had a rough time finding our shoes lately, thanks to Moses. He's taken it upon himself to relocate our shoes to more interesting places: the bathtub, under the beds, the bookshelf, etc. 

I also realized this week, having never noticed before, that Moses has Woo's body. Probably exactly, but it's still in baby form. I notice it most in his arms and torso, as he scampers around raising and lowering his arms, but I think his legs are Woo's too. After I noticed that, I realized that Moses probably walks exactly like Woo did as a baby. Sure, his butt sticks out, and he can't bend his knees, but I think he's going to move and walk just like Woo when he gets older.

Woo's frustrating week can be described by naming just two companies: Bank of America and Apple. Yes, Apple used to be a comfortable friend, but now that Woo's an app developer, and has to sell his product in Apple's store and follow Apple's arbitrary rules, Apple has become the enemy.

The Bank of America ordeal basically consisted of hours spent on the phone trying to get a simple problem remedied. Pretty much everyone's definition of hell.

Well, that's it for now. Talk to you all later!