A Week

If ever there was a time to move, it's now. Woo got called into the branch presidency this morning. He'd been tipped off a week ago, and was really dreading an appointment with a member of the stake presidency, but when it was all over, he decided that maybe it wouldn't be too bad.

He's really excited to not be the president of something, and that he'll just have to follow orders. This uncharacteristic occurrence of looking-on-the-bright-side continued into the afternoon, where everything I'd planned for dinner pretty much failed. He thanked me repeatedly for my effort, intentions, and thought, and I was so proud (of him, not my efforts).

Moses has discovered clothes, and he thinks they're pretty awesome. He'll bring me anything that catches his eye for assistance, and then strut away proudly no matter what it is... a dress of ruby's, a sock of woo's, a swimsuit bottom of mine.

But, he loves his own clothes the most, bouncing excitedly whenever anything of his is within his reach, and instantly insisting that I put it on him. One day he ended up wearing three shirts, two pairs of shorts, and a pair of Herbie's pajama bottoms.

Herbie is definitely ready to start wrestling and romping around with Moses, but he is just too big and rough still, and ends up terrorizing Moses instead. Even if Herbie is just hugging Moses, he ends up pinning him against the couch or the floor, with Moses screaming underneath.

Herbie is super excited about "the red car" (our new car), and he mentions it in about every prayer he says. Last night Woo took the kids for a ride to the gas station in it, and we drove it to church this morning. You would've thought it was the highlight of his life.

One big surprise is that Woo took the kids to McDonalds last night while I was gone. Another is that he bought the kids happy meals. Ruby got a circular compact full of lip gloss as her toy. Woo says it's clear that Ruby has never watched me apply anything to my lips because she raised the entire thing to her face, and rubbed it generously all over her mouth area. The best part was her proud and satisfied expression when the compact finally left her face.

I had a rough Friday which consisted of two trips to the DMV. Once in the morning, with four kids in a stroller, and once in the afternoon by myself on a bike. Even when I think I'm so prepared, and have checked the DMV's website to get everything exactly right, something goes wrong. And, it's still not resolved... hopefully by next week. I'm trying not to let it bother me too much.

Anyway, that's about it. I'll talk to you all later. Hope it's going well!