Real News in This One...

Well, it's finally happened: Steven has made his decision. He's quitting school.

Well, technically he's taking a years leave as a safety net, but we're putting the house up for sale. Feel free to email him your congratulations or worries that he's ruining his own life and everyone else's---whatever your opinion may be.

After breakfast he enjoys saying, "Well, I'm off to work!", and disappears in his underwear back to the bedroom and his computer.

We gave up trying to find him a nice desk that we liked (plus we're hopefully moving soon), and just bought a cheap, portable one for $10. Now he can sit in bed typing away in comfort. I'm considering starting another business... "Learn how to make $X,XXX a week without ever leaving your bed!"

I'll be honest, it's hard to be optimistic about selling our house right now. There are two empty foreclosed houses on our street, and four other houses for sale. One of these has been for sale for more than a year. A quick sale is almost too much to hope for.

Plus, we don't know where we'd like to move. Technically, we could move anywhere that has high-speed internet, but we'd like to live near a temple and closer to family. We're open to suggestions if anyone has any good ideas.

I also thought that I'd proudly be able to announce that we'd bought a new car by now, but that hasn't been working out so great for us so far. We don't really need it for a few more months, so we're willing to put in more time to find what we want.

Herbie hasn't been too impressed by the cars we're looking at. The other day he said to me, "Mom, when our car is broken, can we get a Bigfoot?"

When I told Steven, he just said, "Have you checked craigslist?"

Bigfoot IV lives in St. Louis. To Herbie's delight we drive by him about once week, and "Bigfoot movies!" are usually his first request when we watch YouTube clips. 

Moses took two weeks back at home before he started using the potty again. He's doing pretty well, but not perfect yet. I don't know if I just need a more exciting reward, or if I just need to be patient. I remember Ruby needing 2 months before it clicked every time after traveling.

Moses started nursery a few weeks ago (I took him a week or two early---so shoot me...), and he loves it! The very first day we opened the door, he pointed at some tantalizing toy, made his motor noise, and ran off without ever looking back at us again. We weren't at all disappointed that it wasn't an emotional event for anyone.

There is now a posse of four 4-yr old girls in the branch. Ruby has spent, well, 0 time before now with little girls her age. I thought that they might be starting to influence Ruby, but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

Ruby played at C--'s house when we were at the temple. Later, in a monotone voice, she said, "Me and my friend played wedding dress."

I've never heard her sound so bored. But then she perked up a bit, "But I didn't put on a dress! I was the man. I married C--."

I should probably say that I'm not worried about Ruby at all, I'm sure she'll come around someday, but I am kind of pleased that isn't ashamed of her own interests, and is not willing to change them just because someone else tells her she should like something else.

Well, that's all for now. I hope everyone is doing well!