Getting Closer...

Well, we think we can have the house up for sale next week. We're going to try and sell it ourselves first. If it's clear that's going nowhere then we'll get a realtor. The only thing that scares me is trying to keep the house maintained for months on end... those wall dings and fingerprints and sticky smudges and occasional scribblings accumulate fast in a house with little kids. At least I know the weeds will stop growing very soon here. 

Steven saved the day again by fixing the overflowing washing machine in about 5 minutes. He sure is handy with those appliances around the house.

After much hemming and hawing he finally raised ooTunes' price by a dollar. I think he's pleased with the results because he's getting less downloads (fewer customer service requests), but is still making the same amount of money.

Thursday seems to regularly be a slow day, so we've decided that Friday is a good day for family outings. This Friday we went to the DMV (it's finally finished!) and the zoo.

Ruby has spent a lot of time drawing and writing lately. A couple of weeks ago she presented me with a paper where'd she'd written all of the numbers in order. I was very impressed, since I'd certainly never shown her how to write any numbers.

She spent the morning today writing her name over and over by herself. It's very cute, and mostly legible, if a circle with two legs is an R and two circles on top of each other is a B.

After seeing President Uchtdorf in a white suit, Ruby asked me if I could get her a white suit for Halloween. I'm not exactly sure where I'd get a white suit in her size... a funeral home? I'm not up to making one, so I guess she'll just have to make due in a blue or brown three-piece.

Not to be outdone by Ruby's writing, Herbie sat down to write his name: a letter H. Then he wrote H--'s name: a letter H. He can draw those H's big or small, and upside down or right side up. Sometimes when people ask Herbie how old he is, he'll say, "I start with H!"

Steven got him started on the letter E, and after much concentration and effort, he scratched one out. 

Herbie had a very rough day yesterday. Probably because Woo and I thought we could watch conference lying in bed while the kids entertained themselves around us.

It was clear that didn't work, so today we sat in a row on the couch with the computer in front of us (we have a portable desk, remember?). Herbie was a perfect angel. He sat there with his arms folded almost the whole time---much more enjoyable. 

Moses resisted the couch sitting. Especially when he had to sit on Woo's lap. We put him in bed once to cool off after too much struggling, and after that whenever Moses would let out a whine and try to climb off, Woo would say, "Do you need to go to bed, Moses?"

Moses would give him a glare (which we laughed at), shut his trap, and sit quietly for a few minutes more.

It's amazing how quickly they can quit crying when faced with an alternative they don't like.

Anyway, that's about it. Talk to you all later.