Primary, Pumpkins And More

The primary program was today. Despite sending kids home with their parts several weeks in advance, and strongly encouraging parents to have their kids memorize their parts, a primary worker stationed herself at the pulpit to read the parts for the kids.

I was a little annoyed, but shouldn't have worried. Ruby was one of only two kids who told her to back off as soon as she got on the stand, "I know my part! I don't need any help!"

And she recited it perfectly. I was very proud (although, I still felt bad for other kids, whom I knew had worked hard to memorize their parts, and weren't even given the chance show it).

On Friday we drove to the edge of town to visit a pumpkin patch. This pumpkin patch didn't meet mine and Woo's pumpkin patch standards (the kids, on the other hand, get ecstatic over a box of pumpkins in the grocery store... ) so we stopped at Bigfoot to salvage the trip.

The kids were in awe, ran under and around. We took pictures of us standing in the wheels (Sorry, maybe next week. I can't upload them here). And then Herbie turned his attention to "Littlefoot". Unfortunately, at exactly the same time, Woo decided it was time to go.

Herbie was more disappointed then I thought because later in the day, he came up with the brilliant plan of me secretly taking him back to see "Littlefoot"  immediately after dropping Woo off at the airport. The only problem was that he told Woo about it. Oh, and he forgot to get my consent.

I love to watch Moses. I just get a kick out of him. I mean he's like two feet tall, and here he is trying to do everything like a real person. C'mon, he can't even lift a gallon of milk!

Moses has a couple of books that he really loves, and every day after breakfast, he'll grab them, pull a blanket over his legs, and sit on the couch looking at them. One picture book has a page with nothing but hundreds of toy cars on it. He seemingly could look at that one page, point to different cars, and make his motor noise for hours.

I've had kind of a hard week. I think I've offended pretty much everyone I know. If you feel that I've missed you, just give me a call. I'm sure I can come up with something.

The kids have been a little sick this week. Not enough to have fevers or throw up or lie quietly on the couch, but just enough to have runny noses and be nice and whiney.

Woo was gone on the day I need him most: Sunday. I taught Relief Society (went alright) and Seminary (total bomb) today. I taught Seminary in the nursery room since I had the kids with me. It was not ideal. I should've probably taken Woo's advice to cancel.

Anyway, we finally got a break in the rain for a few days, and "dirty man" was able to start work on the trim. I think he has one more day of work left, and we have one sunny day forecasted for next week.

Woo made a short visit to Utah this week to hear his parents speak and report on their mission. He's had a good time seeing brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles, and of course, his parents.

He's enjoying the fact that he now has an answer to that persistent question, "So, when are you going to be done with school?" and that it leads into a conversation about stuff that he's really interested in. 

He's getting lots of ideas about where to move. I think we've come up with about 5 or 6 areas ranging from southern Montana to central Utah, that we'd have to look closer at. But, who knows when that will be.

Anyway, that's all, folks. Hope you're doing well.