The Most Disgusting Thing You Could Ever Do!

One morning we woke up to Ruby yelling, "Stop that Herbie! That's the most dickgusting thing you could ever do!"

We looked at each other and laughed until we heard Herbie, "Bwahahaha! I'm dirty!"

We didn't like the sound of that.

I ran to the room to find Herbie sitting in bed... blowing raspberries. What?

Turns out the night before, Woo had told the kids a dramatic tale of woe where he'd been delivering newspapers and some other kid had spit on him. He ended with, "...And that's the most disgusting thing you could ever do!"

We learned (the relatively easy way) that there are, in fact, more disgusting things you could do.

In some ways Moses is currently my best cleaner-upper. I can sit in front of the bookshelf or shoe basket and have him fetch books and shoes from any corner of the house for me.

He is now finally repeating words we say to him. Before he would just smile or wiggle away whenever we'd try to get him to repeat anything. On the other hand, he'd try to imitate any noise he'd hear from any dog, car or ambulance. Maybe he's finally realized that he's human.

Nope, house not for sale yet. We just need "dirty man" to paint the trim, though. Both Woo and I have suddenly started to have doubts about moving, and keep thinking of the positive things about living here. I think this is a natural thing for us, when change actually comes... we had the same feelings when we got a new car... sad to see the old one go, and we're still not sure we like the new one all that much, but it's growing on us more and more.

Anyway, that's all for now. Talk to you all later!