For Sale!

After two weeks of sunny, clear weather "dirty man" finally finished painting the trim. I have never seen anyone work so slow, plus he would ask for a $20 of the total sum every 2-3 hours of work. I'm half scared that he's going to continue to come around asking for a loan of $20 for this or that, since he apparently barely lives from twenty dollar bill to twenty dollar bill, and we've been a source of money for him before.

We put the sign and flyers out in the yard, posted the house on Zillow, Craigslist, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the Riverfront Times, put up flyers around Wash U, and we've received exactly zero calls. I suppose we'll find a realtor after a couple more weeks.

I'm less stressed about when we sell the house since I finally found a midwife I like here. I did have a midwife earlier, but we dropped her due to FTI (Failure To Impress). This new midwife is pretty much my ideal: late 50s-early 60s, very experienced, very courteous and professional, had all the right answers to my questions, qualified assistants, etc. I think it took me so long to find her because she's in a different county than us, even though she's only 20 minutes away.

The school district here held a "Fired-Up for Kindergarten" evening. We decided to go, even though I really hope we've moved before Ruby starts kindergarten next September. Woo was hoping for food, and I was hoping for a fire truck for the kids to inspect up-close, but we were both disappointed.

We were the only family to show up at our school, and they just tried to sell Woo and I on what a great school it was---completely ignored Ruby.

One thing the principal repeated (like it was some huge selling point) was that we could drop our school kids off early in the morning, and they had productive after school programs for the kids until 6pm. I couldn't imagine anything more horrible for a 5 year old.

They were surprised when I asked whether they had full-day or half-day kindergarten (full-day), and were shocked when I asked if we could opt out of that.

"We've had full-day kindergarten for 10-11 years! Every school in the district has full-day! Everyone does it!"

Apparently they don't realize what a huge turn off that argument is for me. Does it really work on most people? And are all the kindergartens in the country now full-day? I really know nothing about it.

Anyway, the good news is Ruby is already doing all the stuff that they said their kindergarten kids can do by the first quarter.

Mildly amusing:
Ruby: I'm going to be Santa Claus! Moses can be Mrs. Claus! 
Herbie: I want to be Brother Claus! 
Also, whenever they play Peter Pan, no matter how many kids there are, they always make Moses be Captain Hook---the most nefarious kid in the bunch, I guess.

Woo's had a rough, rough week. Sick, tired, stressed out. Maybe he needs a vacation? We're excited for his parents to come visit this weekend. I'm sure that will cheer him up a bit.

Talk to you all later!