Too Much To Write About

I can only pick out things to write about when nothing really has happened, otherwise everything becomes a giant muddle in my mind. So instead, here's a list. 

Last Week:

  • ooTunes drops in rankings. A competitor has come out with a much sought after feature. Woo works furiously to catch up and improve upon it. 
  • Ruby becomes more affectionate. Starts telling us she loves us at random times, and snuggles sometimes. 
  • I buy a bed frame for our bed for the first time. "We look like we're rich now!"---Woo. "Your bed looks nice, Mom!"---Ruby. Moses is no longer able to climb up by himself. 
  • Woo's parents come to visit. We make them take us to Costco immediately after picking them up from the airport (we're out of toilet paper and maple syrup). 
  • The kids spend the entire weekend stacking toilet paper rolls into castles and buses and boats. 
  • Moses spends the entire weekend avoiding Grandpa (not an easy task). 
  • Grandma shows the kids how the "Barnyard Dance" is done. 
  • We attend the Pagedale Thanksgiving dinner... lots of soul food. Afterwards we're treated to some gospel tunes and "praise" dancers. Herbie is obsessed with the red robes on the choir. 
  • We go to the science center. Ruby and Herbie talk about the robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops exhibit for days after. 
This Week:

  • Woo's laptop with EVERYTHING on it dies. We take it in; they say 3-5 days. 
  • We take Woo's parents to the airport. 
  • Woo buys a new computer and gets everything on the laptop transferred to it. 
  • We get the laptop back. 
  • Moses begins to give unsolicited hugs---so sweet. 
  • I go to New Moon with a couple of girls in the branch. I haven't done something like this in years... 
  • Woo's MTC companion invited us to his family's Thanksgiving dinner. Best Thanksgiving we've had here in St. Louis. Great food, and very relaxing (for me :). 
  • Woo submits his update to Apple---finds a major bug a few hours later---resubmits late last night.   
  • Ruby has a lesson on the sacrament. Later, (very concerned), "Mom, I don't want Dad to sacrament (sacrifice) me." 
Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for you all!