Christmas Cheer

I'm really excited about Ruby's birthday and Christmas this week. It's so fun knowing that you're giving your kids presents that will make them jump for joy.

Woo decided to start a new birthday tradition and take the birthday child out to lunch on their birthday. When asked where she would like to go for lunch with Dad, Ruby instantly yelled, "McDonalds!" even though she's only been there once. I've failed as a parent.

Ruby was proudly dressed as a shepherd in the primary's mini-nativity scene during Sacrament meeting. The primary learned their lesson last year, and no one tried to corral her into being an angel. She was probably the most pleased with herself out of all the kids there, and kept holding up her stuffed lamb, so there would be no mistaking what she was.

Herbie views the primary as some sort of utopia and is eagerly awaiting the day when he graduates from nursery. He keeps talking about giving a talk in the primary program (which he thinks will happen the second he gets there), and today he really wanted to be up there with the other kids, but he wasn't that impressed with the shepherds. He wants to be Joseph.

It didn't help that Ruby emerged today with a stocking full of treats and the nursery kids got nothing. Herbie occasionally tells us he doesn't like nursery. He doesn't like the chaos that is in there sometimes. Also, he seems to consider the older kids as his peers.

Moses is finally at the age where he can start wearing the little boy suits that we have. Those paired with cowboy boots and a tie are always a hit with everyone. (No wonder Ruby has suit envy). Moses doesn't like the attention though. He gives either blank stares or glares, depending on how he's feeling, I guess.

Woo was really strung up earlier this week, assuming the worst about his update, but it was released without a hitch, and he's been able to work on other things. He's started to automate one of the tasks that takes up a lot of his day, and has made answers to common questions blatantly obvious inside his app to free himself from some of the customer service burden.

He's been concerned that sales have dropped some (as have all the radio apps), but we're still making plenty, and I feel like if his sales really drop to zero, he'll finally have time to work on one of his many other ideas.

We also had the brilliant idea (thanks to one of Woo's friends) of renting or buying an old motor home to drive around in for a month or two while searching for our next home (after our house sells). It's something that Woo has wanted to do for awhile, and I think it will be easier on the kids than renting in some central location and taking road trips and sleeping in different beds every weekend. 
We are excited.

Anyway, that's about it. Sorry we won't see any of you for Christmas, but hopefully we'll see you all in a couple of months!