Merry Christmas!

As anticipated the policeman costume we got Ruby for her birthday was the object of her heart's desire. She immediately put on the hat, pants, shirt, belt, badge, and handcuffs with keys and wore them all day.

After triple checking that Ruby wouldn't rather have lamb vindaloo for her birthday than a Happy Meal and repeatedly being shot down, Woo suggested that they go to the hospital where Ruby was born and then go eat lunch somewhere close by. She agreed.

Coming out of the hospital they saw a woman smoking in front of some no-smoking signs.
Ruby: That lady's breaking the rules. 
Woo: Hmm. Do you want to go arrest her? 
Ruby (considering): No. Maybe when we come back. If she's still there. 
Moments later...
Ruby: Maybe the police will give me a gun, and I can go shoot her. (!?!?!) 
Woo: Ruby! Policemen don't just shoot someone because they're breaking the rules...! Would you like it if Mom or Dad shot you the next time you're being disobedient? 
Ruby: NO! 
Later in the day...
Ruby: Mom, I'm feeling the Holy Ghost. 
Me: Oh, you are? How can you tell? 
Ruby: Because I feel good inside. Because I'm a police. 
Herbie still has a hard time dealing with his feelings of excitement and he was a bear to deal with several times this week.

Monday and Tuesday were the worst because he knew Ruby's birthday and Christmas were coming, but we didn't really have any fun activities planned those days. I was getting tired of the bickering, and I remember how hard it was to wait those couple of days before Christmas, so I broke down and let them watch movies twice this week.

Herbie's two favorite presents are his new dump truck and his new "guitar" (ukulele). Although, he was also quite excited about his new "jeanies" (jeans) and new church book (illustrated BofM). The best part about the dump truck is the manly rock music it plays when he drives it, and the best part about the ukulele is the cute songs he sings while he's strumming it.

Moses is still young enough to be completely oblivious to the fact that Christmas is coming, and so he was pleasantly surprised to open the object of his dreams on Christmas morning: a large truck.

He prefers playing with that thing to eating, sleeping, reading, pretty much anything he's ever done in the past. He's extremely possessive of it (only today agreeing to take a turn with Herbie's dump truck while Herbie played with his), and has barely eaten anything since we got it---he always wants to return to it.

He's afraid of the sounds the truck makes, but likes to put the worker in the seat and pull him out again, over and over again.

Woo and I had good Christmas' too, but I'm tired of writing... Thank you everyone for your gifts! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as well. I'll talk to you later.