Well, we got a realtor, and our house will be listed tomorrow. We admit that we're guilty of racial profiling: we wanted a black woman realtor, and that's what we got (or is that affirmative action?). Anyway, she seems like a good fit for our house and has a lot of experience in our area. We've offered her more $$ to sell the house by the end of February, so we'll see how that goes...

Woo had his first fan visit yesterday. After half a dozen calls and several emails B-- drove his semi up our street to shake Woo's hand, and tell him how much he loved ooTunes.

The kids were fascinated by the truck and "the little house" in the back. B-- and his co-driver M-- were very nice, gave us lots of popcorn, and fulfilled several trucker stereotypes.

Herbie now wants to drive a truck when he grows up. Until then he wants to sit on the bed with Ruby and Moses, Dad to sit "where the popcorn sits" and Mom to drive.

I am enormous. My belly is always getting in the way. In the last week, I've had two women from more blunt cultures tell me how large I am. One started out telling me how large my butt was getting, and then ended by saying, "You're lucky you're already married." Hmmmm...

Mostly I just have to laugh, since I can be pretty blunt myself, and would prefer that people talk to me that way. Also, I've been here before with no long term problems.

Moses is having a really hard time sitting on my lap. He'll load up my legs with books, but when he tries to climb on, there isn't any room for him anymore. He tries to sit on top of my belly, but that isn't comfortable for either of us.

Ruby has a talent for imitating the way other kids speak. We're glad that we no longer have R--'s slurred R's and occasional threats of killing and shooting to deal with. But now we have B--'s highly nasal whining. 

It's a step up to be sure, but still pretty annoying. We're hoping that someday she'll either always speak like herself, or make millions doing impressions.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope everyone's getting ready for Christmas.