Nothing Much

Well, nothing much happened this week. Mostly we just feel like we're waiting: waiting for the baby to come, waiting for the house to sell, waiting for our dream home to come on the market...

A couple of people have started to come by to look at our house. Nothing's come of it yet.

Also, Woo's almost entirely convinced that we should move to Eden/Huntsville (it's also on my short list), but we're not completely sold on the two houses we've found there yet.

I thought that I might be starting to have contractions Friday night, but it turned out to be a little stomach bug.

The kids wanted to hear all about the night they were born, and now they're running around saying funny things and asking questions about contraptions, and pushing babies out and bags of waters.

Anyway, not much to report. Hope everyone had a good week!


Riveting Catalog of Everyone's Hair

I had decided to cut everyone's hair once a year, at the beginning of the summer so everyone could have short hair when it's hot, and more when it's cold.

Herbie's hair grows so fast and is so thick, that he currently looks like he has a lion's mane. He laughs when I call him lion-head, and the whole thing just makes his cheeks look fatter. His already large head is huge!

little boy close up instagram

Ruby's hair has not been growing long hardly at all, but I am pleased to notice that it's growing thicker.

I was a little bit worried about her being doomed to thin, wispy hair for life, but it's thickening up. She'll never have Herbie's hair, it's too fine, but it will be respectable.

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Moses has never had a haircut, and is finally getting hair, period. When it's humid, he has sweet, little blond curls. When it's dry (like now), he has flat, uneven wisps.

toddler boy close up instagram

I'm sure that a haircut would improve his appearance, but I decided to cut hair just once a year, and dang it, he's just going to have to wait!

toddler boy close up instagram

Woo's hair is at the stage where is sticks up in interesting ways when he takes a shower the night before. The first month he conducted Sacrament meeting he had some particularly amusing formations. One Sunday he forgot an announcement (which can happen to anyone). He scurried up to the podium, hastily mumbled whatever it was he'd forgotten, lurched back to his seat before he was completely finished, his words trailing off, his hair bouncing comically on his head... I looked up to see the ward organist laughing quietly to herself.

I have the super thick pregnancy hair right now. I also realized when Woo's parents came to visit, that I no longer own a hair dryer or a curling iron. The last time I remember curling my hair is for Josey's wedding... I do get a new haircut after every baby to avoid that dumpy-mom feeling, but I'm probably failing.

P.S. Herbie did get to give a talk in Primary yesterday. It was harder than he thought: I had to help him, and he spoke in a barely audible whisper, but he was quite pleased with himself, and asked me this morning if he could give another talk next week.

P.P.S. I'm due in 3 weeks!


Holiday Recovery

Herbie finally got to start Primary today. We had a bit of a scare that our branch would wait until next week for the change, but they changed their minds at the last minute.

Herbie picked out his favorite sweater vest and new "jeanies" the night before.

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I think that overall he had a good experience, but he did regretfully tell me that he didn't get to say a prayer or give a talk. Maybe I'll have to talk to the primary president about that... I doubt he's the first on their list.

Moses has learned how to climb to the top bunk. He's quite pleased with himself, and likes to go up there with Ruby and have her read him a story. He can't climb down yet, but he likes it so much that he never calls out for help. We just usually go save him when we figure out we haven't seen or heard from him in awhile.

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The midwives decided to have pre-natals at our house since we live between the two of them. Within the first 30 seconds of their arrival, Ruby had told them that Herbie was starting Primary the next day at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, that she was almost 6, that she'd be baptized when she was 8, that she'd gotten a police costume for her birthday, and that we were going to eat at a restaurant as soon as they left.

It's a good thing we don't have any dark, dark secrets to hide from the world, because they wouldn't last long.

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I'm happy with my midwives. I think that I may have finally gotten through to someone that you can't judge my labor based on my distress level, dilation, rate of contractions, etc. I'm looking forward to being believed before I'm actually pushing the baby out.

I never really measured my girth with the other kids, but my belly seems to be out there more than it ever has before. I've had several people think that I was due the next week, when really I had 8-10 weeks left. I'd love to have twins, but sadly, it seems that I'm just gigantic for nothing (or a gigantic baby?).

I once again attempted to make Woo his traditional seafood for New Years. It's a bit hard, since I've never eaten the stuff, and refuse to taste it. I have no idea how it's supposed to turn out.

Buying it was an adventure. The kids and I walked down to the asian seafood market down the street. The store has tiny aisles, and was very crowded. It took us quite a bit of time to maneuver a double stroller and large pregnant woman to the back corner with the fish tanks. I wasn't a big fan of watching them pull stuff out, and then club it until it stopped moving.

Fortunately, Woo didn't want anything nearly that fresh.

Unfortunately, it was all in another corner of the store.

Even though I won't eat it myself, we made all the kids try some (Ah, it's great being the mom :) All kids ate scallops without complaint. Only Ruby would eat shrimp.