The First Week

I had a theory with Moses, and it turned out to be true with Linus, as well. The first 2 nights, the baby will sleep great. I used to think the hospital nurses were experts at getting all those babies to sleep so well, but now I think it's mostly the babies. Linus actually only woke up once to eat the first night. 

Night 3 (when most parents have their baby home for the first night) is when the baby lets it be known when he would really like to be awake (which is the middle of the night).

As long as I make sure the baby's getting enough to eat and the right amount of nap time/awake time during the day, and I don't introduce any crutches during the night, I can get a sleep-through-the-night baby by night 5.

Ahhh! Linus is now sleeping 12 hours a night (at least that's what I call it), with me waking him twice to feed before I go to sleep, and him grunting two or three times later for me to nurse him for 10 minutes or so before he conks back out.

Nights 3 and 4 are rough, though. Lots and lots of crying. I think I got one hour of sleep on night 3. The day after was probably my worst day all year. Not only was I incredibly tired, but all sorts of things went wrong, in an almost comical way.

I've forgotten most of it by now, but I do remember that I put a horrible meal from some well-meaning soul down the disposal, which clogged the sink. The disposal was stuck. I broke the plunger trying to loosen it. I finally found something sturdier to loosen the teeth of the disposal, and flipped the switch on. I'd used too much pressure, which popped part of the bottom out, and I had the disgusting, greasy stuff spewing all over under the sink. It was at this point that I thought I probably should be laughing (but I didn't).

I think Moses is enjoying his new status as not-the-baby. Ruby will occasionally say things to him like, "Come with us, Moses! You're a big kid now! Linus is the baby."

I think he's started saying 10 new words in the last week. He's definitely trying to imitate a lot more of what we say. He enjoys running to get me a diaper or a blanket or whatever I need for Linus, and has even attempted to "read" him a story. He's been trying harder to dress/undress himself, and just generally stepping it up to do more of the stuff that the rest of us do.

Linus got a little St. Louis Cardinals jersey as a gift from someone in the branch, and Ruby really, really wants one. Anytime anyone mentioned going outside today, she thought we were headed to the store to get her a "team shirt" like Linus'. I mentioned that I was going grocery shopping tonight, and she wanted me to pick up her team shirt while I was there.

She did manage to get the shirt on at one point. She walked out of her room, with her pants belted high above her waist, "See Mom it fits! You can't see my belly!"

Herbie has had a much better week. In fact, we thought he had completely recovered until he threw another tantrum today, which was unfortunate because we had a beautiful snowfall that he didn't get to go out and play in because of it. We did have another snow day earlier in the week, and Herbie stayed out the longest, shoveling snow and riding on the cross country skis and sled with Woo.

Woo has had quite the exciting day today. His server went down, which was a pain, until he realized it was because he was having a huge amount of downloads. He didn't quite believe it, or understand how it could be possible, but found that some popular TV show in the UK --- "The Gadget Show" had featured his app.

He rose quickly in the ratings, at one point being the highest grossing app in the UK app store. He's very excited and nervous---about how things will hold up, and how long it will last, etc.

And that's about it for this week. Hope everyone's doing well. Talk to you later.