Well, it's been an emotionally exhausting week. Steven and I both fell asleep within 5 minutes of putting the kids to bed Sunday evening.

Early in the week, we learned that the house in Huntsville was under contract... with someone else. I had thought that the house was ours and I mourned for it for about a day. But, then we moved on. 

Woo found a house that he loved, but I hated. Then I found a house that I loved, but he hated. So hard for each of us to be thwarted in pursuit of our dream home...

Anyway, I think we've found a house that we both can be happy with, except it's in Morgan. We don't know much about Morgan, and Woo is a little bit wary. He did mention on Sunday that we could move to Morgan, if we could get a motorcycle to ride to the temple. Guess you'll find out next week what we've decided.

The buyers of our house here did finally go to another lender and file an extension to our contract. The new closing date is April 15th. I've been unable to wait any longer, and have started to pack. I may be the only person in the world who loves to pack, but I do. It feels so good to go through all our stuff and get rid of half of it :).

Woo has decided he needs more one-on-one time with each kid, so he's started Daddy Day. Last Tuesday he took Herbie on a bike ride to the park. Today, he and Ruby rode their bikes to the store for some ice cream, and then set up a tent in the back yard during nap time for the "daddy/daughter campout."

There was an article about ooTunes in the Boston Globe. We couldn't decide if it was a good review or not, but he didn't receive a bump in downloads from it, at any rate.

Ruby learned how to ride her bike without training wheels this week. We probably failed her last spring/summer, but Woo spent some time with her early in the week, and she got it really quick. She could ride fine with a push almost immediately. It was the starting off by herself that was the hurdle. 

Watching Ruby ride her bike is the first time that I've ever thought that she looked like me. Seeing her little body pedal down the street reminded me of pictures of me at that age with my bike.

Herbie insisted that he had to use the potty when sitting on the stand with Woo this week. Woo sent him out by himself. When we got home Herbie told me all about it.
Herbie: Everyone was smiling at me, when I got off the stand. 
Me: Oh? 
Herbie: They were smiling at me because they wanted me to be their husband. 
Me (laughing): Really? 
Woo: What's that, Herbie? 
Herbie: Everyone wanted me to come and live with them, but I didn't want to. I want to live with you guys. 
Me and Woo: Thank you, Herbie. 
Ruby and Herbie were standing over Linus.
"Linus is day (white, as in caucasian)." 
"You are day, and I am day. Moses and Mom and Dad are day." 
"Maybe the next baby will be dark (black)." 
When I explained that white moms and dads have white babies, and black moms and dads have black babies, they were both visibly disappointed.
"But, I want the next baby to be dark!" 
I gave the kids haircuts Sunday night. It was Moses' first haircut, and he was super excited. He scrambled up on the chair as soon as it was his turn, and did the little bob that he does when he's excited. He was not afraid of the clippers at all and sat quite still for a 2 yr old. I was a little sad to lose the curls, and I was afraid that his hair would still be so blond and so fine that he'd just look bald again. Luckily, his hair is getting more substantial, and it looks pretty good buzzed.

Linus is smiling at us now. He likes to smile at Woo the most, and complete strangers... I thought he was supposed to like me the most at this age!

Linus has thick dark hair still, and it's sticking straight up. I really love babies with lots of hair. I think it's the cutest thing, for some reason.

Anyway, that's about it. Talk to you all later!


No News Is Good News?

Well, we're now not only in the dark about the house we're selling, but the house we're trying to buy. 

All of a sudden, on Saturday there was another offer, and the buyers are taking some time to think it over. After a couple of stressed out days for me (thanks for all the comforting words), I've decided to just not think about it anymore.

Steven says he's enjoying the suspense. Our buyers' realtor tells us that the buyer's wife was rushed to the ER with an aneurysm on Saturday, but they still want the house.

This would be horrible news (for the buyers, of course), except that we've heard so many stories from this realtor---promising to file an extension everyday, but never actually doing it, that we're not sure we believe her or not.

Our realtor feels like it's all some game, and Steven said, "It's almost like she's pure evil, and she's just doing everything she can to piss us off!"

Technically they still have until the 30th to file an extension, so we'll just wait. We'll be fine whatever happens.

We've had a couple of beautiful days this week, and I've been able to start jogging slowly to some parks with the kids again. Ruby, Herbie and Moses have been loving it. One of the great things about having Woo work at home is that I can leave Linus at home when he's napping, and the older kids and I can go out. Except for the times when Woo comes with us, but then we all enjoy being out together.

Linus had a little cold this week, but other than that is doing great. 

Linus frequently gets called: Linus, Liney, Line-Line, Linoseros, Linosaur, Linebacker, Linnaeus, and Moses. We're getting better at catching ourselves before that last one.

He's smiling a lot, but not really in response to our smiles yet.

I've had to apologize to the kids a few times in the past few weeks for being short on patience. First, when I was losing sleep tending to Linus, and then this week stressing about the unknown.

Of course, they were very forgiving, and I was hopeful that they wouldn't be scarred for life, but then Ruby started to say things like, "I can't pick up the book. I'm tired because we have a new baby." and, "I got mad at Herbie because we got a new baby."

Herbie came up with a stellar plan last week for staying dry at night, "I'll just get on the potty, and stay there until morning, and then I'll be dry!"

In fact, I believe he's going to try it tonight to get one of the donuts we ate tonight for breakfast. 

Herbie's hair is getting too long. I've had three people in the last week comment on all my little girls. I think I'll be cutting hair in April, and then I may have to put Herbie on the six month plan.

Steven had had enough of Moses' accident or two a day. He got out a cup for Moses to put one treat (raisins) in every time he used the potty. He gets to eat them at the end of a dry day. He's been dry 4 out of the last 5 days.

Moses' language has really exploded in the past few weeks. One extremely helpful word that he's picked up is, "Yes!" He always says it in a loud whisper and nods his head up and down simultaneously.

Well, that's about it for our week. Hopefully, we'll have more news next week. Hope you all are doing well!



newborn boy instagram

I spoke too soon about Linus (of course). Sunday night I ate a large bowl of moose tracks ice cream. It's not that I forget that I can't eat chocolate while nursing. It's more that I think that I'm not eating enough to affect the baby, or that he's established enough in his routine for it not to effect him.

I'm always wrong.

The caffeine high hit him at about 2am, and it took him a couple more hours to get back to sleep. (I can't imagine how hard it must be to be a nursing mom who drinks coffee or coke). Anyway, he hasn't slept really soundly at night since then. I finally had to move him out of our room because all the grunting was getting to me. I haven't been able to figure out what his problem is yet, and that bothers me. Hopefully this week :).

We discovered today that Ruby has her first loose tooth. She got very excited after Woo told her that it was something to get excited about. She wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy and drew a map with a picture of her bed and pillow so the Tooth Fairy would know just where to go to leave her some money.

We had someone over for dinner today who told her that eating an apple was the ticket to getting the tooth out. She kept asking me, if she could eat an apple tomorrow. Losing the tooth tomorrow must be a more comfortable thought than losing the tooth today.

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Herbie has really been enjoying the Frog and Toad books that we've been getting at the library (and Woo has too---brings up all sorts of childhood memories for him). He has an insatiable appetite for them and the original Curious George books. At his request, we found some claymation Frog and Toad movies on YouTube that the BBC put out several years ago, and he loves them.

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He kept telling us about the hilarious joke he told in Primary today. When his teacher asked what his favorite fruit was, Herbie said, "Eyes!" He tells us that all the other kids and his teacher laughed. We'll just have to take his word for it. 

little boy pencil upside down workbook instagramlittle boy pencil upside down workbook instagram

Woo continues to tease Moses, "Can I have your cookie, Moses?" "NO! Dad-ee!" "Can I play with your cars?" "NO!"

Woo's conditioned him to the point where he'll answer, "NO!" to any question asked (Okay, it probably doesn't have much to do with Woo. He'd do it anyway).

Moses was grouchy and clingy when I took him down to nursery today, so I went straight to the cupboard to get a truck to occupy him while I left. Not a second after I handed him the fire truck, two other kids made grabs for it. Moses' forceful, "NO! NO!" was much more effective with them, then it is with his big brother and sister.

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Woo made a short trip to Chicago this week. He's been invited to speak at a couple of conferences this month. It probably wasn't the best use of his time, but he did enjoy talking about something he loves  with people who actually might care.

I had kind of an adventurous Sunday. I was in the mothers' lounge feeding Linus, when an older sister having a breakdown and another sister came in. The first sister was yelling and shouting and crying, and really, I couldn't blame her. I've had moments of frustration myself, even punching the couch in one memorable (and hilarious in retrospect) incident, and my life isn't 1/20th as hard as hers is. She was crying and wanted to go home. The second sister started to cry and took her home, asking me to teach the lesson that the first sister was supposed to teach in 10 minutes. Luckily it was fast Sunday. I just gave a longish testimony, and opened it up to the room for others' testimonies. I think it went well.



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Ah, 2 yr olds are easy to please on their birthdays. Moses' favorite gift was the matchbox cars that he'd already gotten for Christmas, but that I'd put in the closet a few days ago after the kids had been arguing over them.

He was thrilled, and played with them all evening.

To tease him, Woo would say, "Can Dad play with your cars, Moses?" and Moses would say, "NO! Dad-dee!" over and over again.

little boy cars instagramlittle boy cars instagram

We also taught him to say, "I'm doo (two)!"

The nursery leader gave Mosie 4 suckers (I assume for his birthday). I unwrapped one and gave it to Moses, who ran off, one for Ruby and Herbie, and one for myself. Moses returned from around the corner holding his sucker out, "Tank oo, Mom! Tank oo!" He's a sweet little boy.

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I don't normally think of myself as being a newborn person, but having Linus has reminded me of how adorable they are. One of my favorite newborn things is the way their little arms immediately spring up when I unwrap them from their swaddle after a nap. He sticks his butt and his lower lip out and stretches his arms up as high as they can go, so that the little balls of his fists are at the same height as the top of his head.

newborn boy instagram

Woo and I sometimes laugh about how their heads are so huge and their arms are so little, that even with us manually trying to maneuver them, they just can not touch fingertips above their heads.

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Ruby hasn't forgotten how much she wants a new team shirt. She's asked me probably once a day, but I kept putting off a walk to the thrift store because of the cold weather. We did get to go Saturday morning, where she got a bright red lifeguard T-shirt. She's made all sorts of plans to wear it to the pool, and to show it to the real lifeguards, but in the meantime she's been wearing it constantly with her red jeans.

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Where to move to has been a hot topic around here. Finding a house we like has been hard, and Woo and I were again revisiting the idea of building, but I just didn't think I could do it at this time in my life. Ruby piped up, "That's ok, Mom! We can build the house! You can sit on the grass and watch us!" Herbie really liked that idea too, "And I'll climb up the ladder and work on the roof, when Dad says I can..." They made all sorts of plans, so I guess that problem's been solved.

This week I also got out Ruby and Herbie's watercolors again. They absolutely love painting, and work very hard on their creations. We enjoy almost an hour of absolute silence, while they're working on them.

Woo has decided that he never wants to pay another utility bill again, if he can help it. He's been researching solar, wind, and geothermal power, wood burning stoves/furnaces, radiant heat... Is there anything else? Oh, and bidets, but that's another story. He'd like to get something installed in any house we buy ASAP, and is starting to look into contractors and tax credits and benefits in anticipation.

I'm at that time where I can really enjoy having a newborn. Pregnancy's over, labor's over, sleepless nights, learning to nurse, milk coming in, kinks in the routine, figuring out how to fit older kids with baby's schedule, all over. I'm still over-weight, but every week, my clothes fit a little better and a little better, so that's heartening.