No News Is Good News?

Well, we're now not only in the dark about the house we're selling, but the house we're trying to buy. 

All of a sudden, on Saturday there was another offer, and the buyers are taking some time to think it over. After a couple of stressed out days for me (thanks for all the comforting words), I've decided to just not think about it anymore.

Steven says he's enjoying the suspense. Our buyers' realtor tells us that the buyer's wife was rushed to the ER with an aneurysm on Saturday, but they still want the house.

This would be horrible news (for the buyers, of course), except that we've heard so many stories from this realtor---promising to file an extension everyday, but never actually doing it, that we're not sure we believe her or not.

Our realtor feels like it's all some game, and Steven said, "It's almost like she's pure evil, and she's just doing everything she can to piss us off!"

Technically they still have until the 30th to file an extension, so we'll just wait. We'll be fine whatever happens.

We've had a couple of beautiful days this week, and I've been able to start jogging slowly to some parks with the kids again. Ruby, Herbie and Moses have been loving it. One of the great things about having Woo work at home is that I can leave Linus at home when he's napping, and the older kids and I can go out. Except for the times when Woo comes with us, but then we all enjoy being out together.

Linus had a little cold this week, but other than that is doing great. 

Linus frequently gets called: Linus, Liney, Line-Line, Linoseros, Linosaur, Linebacker, Linnaeus, and Moses. We're getting better at catching ourselves before that last one.

He's smiling a lot, but not really in response to our smiles yet.

I've had to apologize to the kids a few times in the past few weeks for being short on patience. First, when I was losing sleep tending to Linus, and then this week stressing about the unknown.

Of course, they were very forgiving, and I was hopeful that they wouldn't be scarred for life, but then Ruby started to say things like, "I can't pick up the book. I'm tired because we have a new baby." and, "I got mad at Herbie because we got a new baby."

Herbie came up with a stellar plan last week for staying dry at night, "I'll just get on the potty, and stay there until morning, and then I'll be dry!"

In fact, I believe he's going to try it tonight to get one of the donuts we ate tonight for breakfast. 

Herbie's hair is getting too long. I've had three people in the last week comment on all my little girls. I think I'll be cutting hair in April, and then I may have to put Herbie on the six month plan.

Steven had had enough of Moses' accident or two a day. He got out a cup for Moses to put one treat (raisins) in every time he used the potty. He gets to eat them at the end of a dry day. He's been dry 4 out of the last 5 days.

Moses' language has really exploded in the past few weeks. One extremely helpful word that he's picked up is, "Yes!" He always says it in a loud whisper and nods his head up and down simultaneously.

Well, that's about it for our week. Hopefully, we'll have more news next week. Hope you all are doing well!