Well, it's been an emotionally exhausting week. Steven and I both fell asleep within 5 minutes of putting the kids to bed Sunday evening.

Early in the week, we learned that the house in Huntsville was under contract... with someone else. I had thought that the house was ours and I mourned for it for about a day. But, then we moved on. 

Woo found a house that he loved, but I hated. Then I found a house that I loved, but he hated. So hard for each of us to be thwarted in pursuit of our dream home...

Anyway, I think we've found a house that we both can be happy with, except it's in Morgan. We don't know much about Morgan, and Woo is a little bit wary. He did mention on Sunday that we could move to Morgan, if we could get a motorcycle to ride to the temple. Guess you'll find out next week what we've decided.

The buyers of our house here did finally go to another lender and file an extension to our contract. The new closing date is April 15th. I've been unable to wait any longer, and have started to pack. I may be the only person in the world who loves to pack, but I do. It feels so good to go through all our stuff and get rid of half of it :).

Woo has decided he needs more one-on-one time with each kid, so he's started Daddy Day. Last Tuesday he took Herbie on a bike ride to the park. Today, he and Ruby rode their bikes to the store for some ice cream, and then set up a tent in the back yard during nap time for the "daddy/daughter campout."

There was an article about ooTunes in the Boston Globe. We couldn't decide if it was a good review or not, but he didn't receive a bump in downloads from it, at any rate.

Ruby learned how to ride her bike without training wheels this week. We probably failed her last spring/summer, but Woo spent some time with her early in the week, and she got it really quick. She could ride fine with a push almost immediately. It was the starting off by herself that was the hurdle. 

Watching Ruby ride her bike is the first time that I've ever thought that she looked like me. Seeing her little body pedal down the street reminded me of pictures of me at that age with my bike.

Herbie insisted that he had to use the potty when sitting on the stand with Woo this week. Woo sent him out by himself. When we got home Herbie told me all about it.
Herbie: Everyone was smiling at me, when I got off the stand. 
Me: Oh? 
Herbie: They were smiling at me because they wanted me to be their husband. 
Me (laughing): Really? 
Woo: What's that, Herbie? 
Herbie: Everyone wanted me to come and live with them, but I didn't want to. I want to live with you guys. 
Me and Woo: Thank you, Herbie. 
Ruby and Herbie were standing over Linus.
"Linus is day (white, as in caucasian)." 
"You are day, and I am day. Moses and Mom and Dad are day." 
"Maybe the next baby will be dark (black)." 
When I explained that white moms and dads have white babies, and black moms and dads have black babies, they were both visibly disappointed.
"But, I want the next baby to be dark!" 
I gave the kids haircuts Sunday night. It was Moses' first haircut, and he was super excited. He scrambled up on the chair as soon as it was his turn, and did the little bob that he does when he's excited. He was not afraid of the clippers at all and sat quite still for a 2 yr old. I was a little sad to lose the curls, and I was afraid that his hair would still be so blond and so fine that he'd just look bald again. Luckily, his hair is getting more substantial, and it looks pretty good buzzed.

Linus is smiling at us now. He likes to smile at Woo the most, and complete strangers... I thought he was supposed to like me the most at this age!

Linus has thick dark hair still, and it's sticking straight up. I really love babies with lots of hair. I think it's the cutest thing, for some reason.

Anyway, that's about it. Talk to you all later!