Wild Week (Warning: Long)


  • I put large trash items out on the curb for "large item pick up." 
  • Our house fails city inspection on about 12 things ranging from burnt out light bulbs to cracks in the cinder block garage. Our buyer can't get their FHA loan without our house passing city occupancy. 
  • The kids and I make a quick trip to Home Depot 
  • Steven calls: His laptop has been stolen! 
  • I put the kids to bed, and replace bulbs, install storm door closer, remove freezer from extension cord, install two smoke alarms (we have 8 smoke alarms in a 900 sqft house---we can't even make toast without one going off!), and work on broken knob in shower all before Woo's flight comes in. 
  • We're grateful to be alive. Woo helps with the shower knob, and makes several laptop related phone calls. 


  • I tackle overgrowth from neighbor's yard growing on our fence. 
  • The kids and I run to city hall to get permits for the furnace (that's already been installed) and the garage. According to them, the garage doesn't need a permit. Hopefully, the inspector who reinspects agrees... 
  • Steven says University city reminds him of the DMV. 
  • Woo calls Weber County police. The laptop is missing under curious circumstances---out of Woo's backpack and rezipped---iPad and friend's laptop were not touched. He either misplaced it, or it was stolen in Huntsville. 
  • We make offer on house in Huntsville. Probably everyone reading this email will think we are crazy for making this decision. We have our reasons... 
  • After the kids are in bed, I go to a girls night out and watch Emma. 


  • Gas man comes for gas inspection. We fail because our stove does not have anti-tipping device (new requirement since 2 years ago). He can install one for $100 or we can go buy our own at Home Depot, install it, and have him come reinspect ($75 fee). We choose to let him reinstall...probably a mistake. 
  • Woo vows to never buy or sell another house again. 
  • I call to get tuck pointing bids on the garage. 
  • Ruby and Woo take their Daddy Day to feed the ducks. 
  • Neighbor drives by, looks at our trash on the curb and yells, "They already came! You'll have to call the city!" I look at other neighbors' trash on the curb and decide not to believe him. 
  • Woo finds identical laptop to his for sale under suspicious circumstances on ksl.com. He calls the police who investigate. It turns out not to be his. 
  • We're under contract for the Huntsville house. 
  • After the kids are in bed, I tackle the basement, piling old boxes out on the curb. 


  • 2nd contractor comes by and says he can tuck point the garage for $250 and do it that afternoon. We tell him the job is his. 
  • Woo fixes leak in kitchen sink. 
  • I schedule city reinspect for Monday morning.
  • I drag vegetation from backyard to front to be cut/bundled/hauled. 
  • There's a stalemate. Lender requires an engineer report on our foundation. We think buyer should pay for it (per our contract). Everyone else wants us to pay for it. 
  • In the evening, I pack food storage and tools. 
  • Steven comes down and declares, "Our house is never going to sell :(." after looking closer at the crack in the basement. 


  • Moses was dry at night! I've never had a kid do this all by himself. 
  • City official rings the door bell first thing in the morning and presents us with a citation for the vegetation I'd neatly piled next to the garage just the afternoon before! Also, no one is coming to pick up our trash on the curb. 
  • I am done. I spend the morning lying on the couch with my eyes closed. Kids (thankfully!) play quietly. 
  • Herbie requests the song, "Happy Birthday, Tomorrow" before nap time. 
  • I decide to quit thinking about the house and enjoy Herbie's birthday. 
  • We go to Target to let Herbie pick out his birthday presents (a truck with worker and a microphone "like Sid (the science kid) has!"). 
  • Steven calls for permission to dump garbage in the church dumpster and goes out to bundle twigs. 
  • In the evening, Steven goes to a fireside a friend is speaking at on same gender attraction, and when he gets home we watch "A Man Named Pearl," and I wrap Herbie's presents (I include some chocolates as a surprise). 


  • Herbie wakes us early and reminds us it's his birthday. 
  • He opens and plays with his presents. 
  • Moses calls Herbie's new truck, "My black truck!" and Ruby repeatedly requests a baby doll with bottle that she saw at Target for her birthday. 
  • We load the top of the car with boxes to drop off at the recycling center and make it to the zoo in time to get in the children's part for free. 
  • Moses stomps on a butterfly in the butterfly house. 
  • Woo and Herbie go visit the hospital where Herbie was born and eat lunch in the cafeteria (delicious?). 
  • Herbie: "I saw the nurse that I peed on when I was born. But, she was wearing clean clothes."
  • Herbie requested lasagna and "strawberry cake" (which I assume is strawberry shortcake) for his birthday. 
  • I decide to fast. 
  • In the evening, Woo finishes up with the twigs and loads up the wagon with cardboard and trash. I fix the window screens the kids had popped out. 
  • Woo is upset about his most bitter rival: Pockettunes. They've dropped their price, and are back on his tail in the rankings. 


  • Herbie insists that now that he's 4, he is in Ruby's primary class. 
  • Ruby sits with Woo on the stand. 
  • At just the moment Linus woke up, I had both Herbie and Moses want the same book and to sit in my lap. My friend behind us hands Moses a penguin and Herbie a coloring book with crayons. I'm very grateful. 
  • I'm just about to nurse Linus in the mothers' room when a brand-new male member barges in to say something to another mother. He leaves, and I settle down, but then he swings the door open wide again. I have no patience at the moment, and I yell at him while shooing him out with my hands. He glares at me and then leaves. 
  • Later, I apologize and explain to him what mothers do in the mothers' room and why he should stay out. He apologizes, and it ends well. 
  • Everyone (but Woo) takes a 3 hour nap after church. We needed it! 
  • Woo tells our realtor that we'll pay for the engineer report ($350). 
  • Herbie tells us: Rayon was standing on a chair at church. Woo: Did you tell him not to? Herbie: No. Woo: Did you think to yourself, "That is not a good idea!"? Herbie: No. I just looked at him real mad! 
  • Herbie gets a blessing from Woo for his birthday. 
  • Woo goes to a leadership meeting. 
  • I put the kids in bed, make peach cobbler (mmm) and write this email. 
Tomorrow is a big day for us. Everything depends on whether the city inspector decides our garage is stabilized enough for us to get an occupancy permit and whether the lender will complete the buyers' loan after the engineer's report. Thanks for your prayers!


Yay? And Just Kidding...

It looks like the house is really going to close this time. The appraiser finally came, and we've ordered the city and gas inspection for early next week. The new date is the 28th, but everyone wants to close as early as we can.

There's a good chance we could be moving the end of this week or early next. We should have an exact date by Tuesday.

The bad news is, we have nowhere to go. Steven reports that the Morgan house has large duelies whizzing by every few minutes. It lies on a corner with no stop sign near the only Morgan exit, and it looks like everyone takes it pretty fast. A few new subdivisions nearby are planned, and it's only going to get worse. Woo says that 90% of the traffic is trucks, and even though, I'm sure that Moses and Herbie would love to sit on the porch and watch trucks go by all day long. Woo and I would not. 

We have a week or so for a miracle or to find a place to rent. We'll take either for now.

Moses and I have been getting into a lot of arguments lately about ants. I insist that they're called ants. He insists that they're called spiders. "No! Pider, Mom! Pider! No, Mom!" To each his own, I guess.

Herbie's primary teacher thinks he is adorable. She often tells me she could just squeeze him to pieces. During dinner today, Herbie talked about his teacher. "She tried to squeeze me into pieces, BUT I did not get squeezed!" as if it was a narrow escape...

Ruby has come up with a lot of great outfits this week: red baseball t-shirt, black belt (over t-shirt), short pink shorts, purple flip flops --- green and yellow vespa t-shirt, police shirt over, blue 70s cords, black belt, pink light-up shoes --- red lifeguard t-shirt, navy skirt, purple flip flops (She wanted to wear that to church, but I put my foot down). I wonder if being around other kids every day at school is going to have any effect on her fashion sense.

Linus is our first baby who hasn't had to get his head measured three times every time he goes in for a check up. (First by the nurse, and then the NP, and then the doctor to make sure everyone else didn't mess up). I guess that having a head size in the 20th percentile is more normal than a head in the 3rd or 1st percentile. 

Woo's trip to Utah has only reaffirmed that he'd really like to live in Huntsville. He enjoyed chatting with the towns folk and hearing all the gossip.

One of his favorites was hearing about brothers Orvis and Orville. Their parents were named Mary and Joseph. Orvis was born on Christmas day, and Mary and Joseph had originally planned to name him Jesus... but, the town protested. Pesky neighbors! They had to go with Orvis instead.

Anyway, talk to you all later! See you soon (hopefully)!


Another Week

The house we'd bid on in Huntsville came back on the market this week and they came crawling back. Unfortunately for them we decided that this other house in Morgan was better for us, and went ahead and made an offer. We are currently under contract, and Woo is flying out next weekend to go through the house inspection and check out the ward. I've attached a picture.

We're still waiting on our buyers... making slow progress, we think. They haven't broken contract, but we're still waiting for a couple of things.

It's been another stressful week. Woo wasn't happy his latest update was rejected by Apple. He resubmitted, but is not very confident. He thinks it crashed while they were testing it again.

Also, he has a mouth full of cankers from Easter candy. I almost went insane on Wednesday, but by Saturday I was feeling sorry for myself, so I went out and bought some new shoes, of course.

We're both feeling much better today. I for one am not used to this emotional roller coaster. But I'm glad that the worst in our life is not really that bad.

Even though Moses and Herbie now have short hair, people still think I have more girls than I do. Observers always get babies genders wrong, but apparently Linus is "too pretty to be a boy."

Sorry about that Linus.

Moses HATES, HATES, HATES to have the windows down in the car. He cries, curls up in a ball and yells "OUCH! OUCH!"

Laughing at him has not helped. We'll have to try a different approach.

Moses is now saying the names of his siblings. "Berber" is his favorite to say, and Berber is pretty pleased about it himself. "E-ee" for Ruby is the least intelligible, but "I-is" is pretty obvious.

Herbie was reunited with his precious shorts this afternoon. I had packed them last week when it was cooler, thinking we'd move before we needed them, but the weather changed and Herbie was especially persistent about getting them out. He tried every pair on. Mixed and matched with the short-sleeved shirts I got out, and planned his outfits for tomorrow and "Daddy Day." (It's his turn next).

Ruby picked our next door neighbor's sole blooming tulip, and she (our neighbor) was understandably irate.

Ruby didn't seem to really understand why someone would be so mad about it and we couldn't think of a good form of restitution (we know for breaking windows, but picking tulips?), but finally settled on having Ruby offer A-- her tooth fairy money and say sorry.

That did the trick. Suddenly Ruby felt lots of remorse, and when we went over to talk to A-- she forgave Ruby and everyone's friends again.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully, we'll see you soon!


Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone had a great Easter. We spent the day watching conference, and went to a friends house to eat.

On the house front: The house I wrote about last week is a no go. The floor plan is unacceptable: bathrooms only accessible through the master bedroom or dining room... one bedroom in the basement at the end of an unfinished basement...

There was one house in Morgan that we had looked at months ago, but preferred the Huntsville one. We both just assumed that there was something wrong about the house, and didn't even give it a second look until Thursday night. Kurt went by yesterday and took a bunch of pictures for us... maybe this is the one?

The buyers of our house did produce a loan commitment, but we're still waiting for them to order an appraisal and structural engineer report. The deal could still go either way.

Herbie's been acting up, and I realized that he'd been fishing for negative attention. We started to just ignore him, and praise the other kids for doing whatever he wasn't. He's calmed down quite a bit, even though it's obvious what we're doing.

Ruby caught me with my eyes open one night during prayer. She started off, "Mom! You..." then caught herself, "I mean, Dad, Herbie and Moses, thank you for keeping your eyes closed during the prayer!"

All while glaring directly at me.

Ruby lost her second tooth this week. The tooth fairy forgot the first night, "I had water on my face, but I didn't cry, Mom."

Herbie learned how to ride a bike this week. He can go several feet with a push from Woo. He's still working on starting off by himself and keeping his RPM/momentum up. Herbie had the appropriate response when Woo opened his iPad yesterday, "Oooooh, It's a BIG iPod!"

Moses is going through a super clean phase. He will stop eating if he drops food to the floor or spills something on his lap or gets excessively sticky hands, and he won't continue until it's been cleaned up.

He loves bikes, but is still intimidated by the skuut. It's a bit too big for him to maneuver still.

Moses is starting to learn his colors. He definitely knows blue. Whenever we drive, he points out every single car to me, "Ooo (blue) car, Mom! Ite (white) car, Mom! Ack (black) car, Mom! Ooo truck, Mom!" It's going to be a fun drive to Utah.

Linus is a good baby and a super cute baby. His coloring and hair are like Herbie's was. He has Ruby's eyes and Moses' face shape. He's started to enjoy watching his brothers and sister. He's down to one dream feed before I go to bed, which frees up my evenings a bit.

Woo got his much anticipated iPad. He's been very impressed. He did give some thought to submitting a new app for the launch of the iPad, but nothing ever materialized. He barely finished his latest ooTunes update (it's been 4 months). You can only work your butt off for so long, and Woo is slowing down a bit. He's taking more breaks during the day to enjoy us and the beautiful weather. 

Well, that's about it. Hope everyone had a great Easter.