Another Week

The house we'd bid on in Huntsville came back on the market this week and they came crawling back. Unfortunately for them we decided that this other house in Morgan was better for us, and went ahead and made an offer. We are currently under contract, and Woo is flying out next weekend to go through the house inspection and check out the ward. I've attached a picture.

We're still waiting on our buyers... making slow progress, we think. They haven't broken contract, but we're still waiting for a couple of things.

It's been another stressful week. Woo wasn't happy his latest update was rejected by Apple. He resubmitted, but is not very confident. He thinks it crashed while they were testing it again.

Also, he has a mouth full of cankers from Easter candy. I almost went insane on Wednesday, but by Saturday I was feeling sorry for myself, so I went out and bought some new shoes, of course.

We're both feeling much better today. I for one am not used to this emotional roller coaster. But I'm glad that the worst in our life is not really that bad.

Even though Moses and Herbie now have short hair, people still think I have more girls than I do. Observers always get babies genders wrong, but apparently Linus is "too pretty to be a boy."

Sorry about that Linus.

Moses HATES, HATES, HATES to have the windows down in the car. He cries, curls up in a ball and yells "OUCH! OUCH!"

Laughing at him has not helped. We'll have to try a different approach.

Moses is now saying the names of his siblings. "Berber" is his favorite to say, and Berber is pretty pleased about it himself. "E-ee" for Ruby is the least intelligible, but "I-is" is pretty obvious.

Herbie was reunited with his precious shorts this afternoon. I had packed them last week when it was cooler, thinking we'd move before we needed them, but the weather changed and Herbie was especially persistent about getting them out. He tried every pair on. Mixed and matched with the short-sleeved shirts I got out, and planned his outfits for tomorrow and "Daddy Day." (It's his turn next).

Ruby picked our next door neighbor's sole blooming tulip, and she (our neighbor) was understandably irate.

Ruby didn't seem to really understand why someone would be so mad about it and we couldn't think of a good form of restitution (we know for breaking windows, but picking tulips?), but finally settled on having Ruby offer A-- her tooth fairy money and say sorry.

That did the trick. Suddenly Ruby felt lots of remorse, and when we went over to talk to A-- she forgave Ruby and everyone's friends again.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully, we'll see you soon!