Happy Easter!!

I hope everyone had a great Easter. We spent the day watching conference, and went to a friends house to eat.

On the house front: The house I wrote about last week is a no go. The floor plan is unacceptable: bathrooms only accessible through the master bedroom or dining room... one bedroom in the basement at the end of an unfinished basement...

There was one house in Morgan that we had looked at months ago, but preferred the Huntsville one. We both just assumed that there was something wrong about the house, and didn't even give it a second look until Thursday night. Kurt went by yesterday and took a bunch of pictures for us... maybe this is the one?

The buyers of our house did produce a loan commitment, but we're still waiting for them to order an appraisal and structural engineer report. The deal could still go either way.

Herbie's been acting up, and I realized that he'd been fishing for negative attention. We started to just ignore him, and praise the other kids for doing whatever he wasn't. He's calmed down quite a bit, even though it's obvious what we're doing.

Ruby caught me with my eyes open one night during prayer. She started off, "Mom! You..." then caught herself, "I mean, Dad, Herbie and Moses, thank you for keeping your eyes closed during the prayer!"

All while glaring directly at me.

Ruby lost her second tooth this week. The tooth fairy forgot the first night, "I had water on my face, but I didn't cry, Mom."

Herbie learned how to ride a bike this week. He can go several feet with a push from Woo. He's still working on starting off by himself and keeping his RPM/momentum up. Herbie had the appropriate response when Woo opened his iPad yesterday, "Oooooh, It's a BIG iPod!"

Moses is going through a super clean phase. He will stop eating if he drops food to the floor or spills something on his lap or gets excessively sticky hands, and he won't continue until it's been cleaned up.

He loves bikes, but is still intimidated by the skuut. It's a bit too big for him to maneuver still.

Moses is starting to learn his colors. He definitely knows blue. Whenever we drive, he points out every single car to me, "Ooo (blue) car, Mom! Ite (white) car, Mom! Ack (black) car, Mom! Ooo truck, Mom!" It's going to be a fun drive to Utah.

Linus is a good baby and a super cute baby. His coloring and hair are like Herbie's was. He has Ruby's eyes and Moses' face shape. He's started to enjoy watching his brothers and sister. He's down to one dream feed before I go to bed, which frees up my evenings a bit.

Woo got his much anticipated iPad. He's been very impressed. He did give some thought to submitting a new app for the launch of the iPad, but nothing ever materialized. He barely finished his latest ooTunes update (it's been 4 months). You can only work your butt off for so long, and Woo is slowing down a bit. He's taking more breaks during the day to enjoy us and the beautiful weather. 

Well, that's about it. Hope everyone had a great Easter.