Yay? And Just Kidding...

It looks like the house is really going to close this time. The appraiser finally came, and we've ordered the city and gas inspection for early next week. The new date is the 28th, but everyone wants to close as early as we can.

There's a good chance we could be moving the end of this week or early next. We should have an exact date by Tuesday.

The bad news is, we have nowhere to go. Steven reports that the Morgan house has large duelies whizzing by every few minutes. It lies on a corner with no stop sign near the only Morgan exit, and it looks like everyone takes it pretty fast. A few new subdivisions nearby are planned, and it's only going to get worse. Woo says that 90% of the traffic is trucks, and even though, I'm sure that Moses and Herbie would love to sit on the porch and watch trucks go by all day long. Woo and I would not. 

We have a week or so for a miracle or to find a place to rent. We'll take either for now.

Moses and I have been getting into a lot of arguments lately about ants. I insist that they're called ants. He insists that they're called spiders. "No! Pider, Mom! Pider! No, Mom!" To each his own, I guess.

Herbie's primary teacher thinks he is adorable. She often tells me she could just squeeze him to pieces. During dinner today, Herbie talked about his teacher. "She tried to squeeze me into pieces, BUT I did not get squeezed!" as if it was a narrow escape...

Ruby has come up with a lot of great outfits this week: red baseball t-shirt, black belt (over t-shirt), short pink shorts, purple flip flops --- green and yellow vespa t-shirt, police shirt over, blue 70s cords, black belt, pink light-up shoes --- red lifeguard t-shirt, navy skirt, purple flip flops (She wanted to wear that to church, but I put my foot down). I wonder if being around other kids every day at school is going to have any effect on her fashion sense.

Linus is our first baby who hasn't had to get his head measured three times every time he goes in for a check up. (First by the nurse, and then the NP, and then the doctor to make sure everyone else didn't mess up). I guess that having a head size in the 20th percentile is more normal than a head in the 3rd or 1st percentile. 

Woo's trip to Utah has only reaffirmed that he'd really like to live in Huntsville. He enjoyed chatting with the towns folk and hearing all the gossip.

One of his favorites was hearing about brothers Orvis and Orville. Their parents were named Mary and Joseph. Orvis was born on Christmas day, and Mary and Joseph had originally planned to name him Jesus... but, the town protested. Pesky neighbors! They had to go with Orvis instead.

Anyway, talk to you all later! See you soon (hopefully)!