We're Here!

Wow! This move has been hard. I used to love moving, but I guess it's a different story when you're single, renting, and just moving to another part of town.

The pattern since we've gotten to Utah seems to be one really hard day, two rest days, one really hard day, two rest days... Today was a peaceful day, and the kids were almost completely normal. I'm hoping that the end is near... or else we're up for a hard day tomorrow.

The kids were absolutely phenomenal on the drive out. They stared contently out the window 99% of the drive. We didn't watch a movie. I didn't give them a single book or toy. We didn't even listen to the radio. I think it helped that we had to stop every 3 hours for Linus. They got to run around a bit and eat a snack while I fed and diapered him.

Herbie got excited about the mountains. "There's some mountains for Ruby to ride her bike on! Wow! Look at those crazy mountains! (gasp) A road on the mountain!"

Moses occasionally listed off cars and trucks with their colors for us. He saw something new in Denver. "Uh-oh car, Mom! Uh-oh car!" I couldn't figure out what he was talking about until I looked out his window. Sure enough there was a car driving next to us with a huge dent in the front.

Ruby was pleasant until we got to Utah, and she started quietly going through our bags in the back of the car. Apparently we never learn because we kept putting her back there with several temptations right within her reach. She managed to open a box of macaroni, a bag of shredded cheese, a canister or two of film, applied triple antibiotic ointment to her lips, mascara to her eyes, toothpaste to the car window, and some unknown substance to her hair.

Linus did not make a peep---just fell asleep or stared around depending on his mood. He did have way more blow outs than usual, however, and all of them were well timed. Most were at church, but the most memorable was in the mountains of Colorado. It was snowing. Clean clothes and blankets were almost impossible to find in the car (I never did find enough clean blankets). The restroom where we'd stopped had no counter or baby changing station. He got cleaned up on the floor in front of one of the stalls.

Now that we're here in our house, I think we're happy with our purchase. The area is beautiful. Everything we need except a grocery store and elementary school are within walking distance. Everyone has large yards and big, old trees. Church bells ring on the hour and a play a song at 6pm. Neighbors frequently stop by to welcome us, and tell us how happy they are to have a family move in.

The house needs a lot of work, but could be nice, when it's done. As long as it doesn't fall over on us... We moved in as soon as we had carpet and patched walls in the front half of the house. We still have a completely gutted room on the ground floor and half the attic is unfinished. The back part of the house is really dumpy, but livable for a month or two. We've managed to move most of our stuff into the general area where it belongs, so we now have an absolute mess in every room.

I've concentrated mostly on the interior. The living room and dining room are all primed and ready for me to paint. I was going to paint the living room a light aqua like our old house, but I'm liking the thought of a light violet against the dark grey I have planned for the dining room. Most of my chairs have been scuffed up from the move and will need to be recovered anyway. I think it will be fun to try something new.

Steven concerns himself with the outside of the house. He's removed old fence posts, installed a mailbox, secured the garage, arranged for the neighbor's horses to feed in our pasture, temporarily solved the problem of our wash machine run off, and ordered a hammock. He's also in the market for a grill, a weed wacker, and a riding lawn mower. I believe his next project is to solve the drainage problem around the front porch.

He's really excited to ride his bike again. He took the three older kids in the trailer to check out the elementary school... it turned out to be a lot harder than he thought, but I don't think he's discouraged. "I thought getting in shape was going to be easy!"

I was a little bit nervous about what the people here would be like, but so far they seem to be incredibly friendly. Church has been very enjoyable... almost everyone seems to have a sense of humor, and a few people that we've met are a real kick in the pants.

Anyway, that about does it for this week. Hopefully, our life is calming down a bit. I've had enough excitement for a couple of years. Talk to you later.