NIghtmare Week For Woo. Ok Week For The Rest Of Us.

Woo's had a rough week. Some of the highlights include:

  • Modem dying right before submitting a new update. 
  • Staying up until 6:30am to get it in using the iPhone as a makeshift modem. 
  • Driving to Ogden the next day to get a new one, and then spending the next night answering all the emails he missed. 
  • Poor reviews. 
  • Tearing out the paneling in the master bath/office with his new best friend S--, which took off the plaster, which left exposed brick, which he's actually kind of excited about. 
  • Tore out the brick chimney remnant in the attic and lugged each and every brick down the stairs and out the back door by himself. "I don't think I've worked this hard before...ever!" He's having a hard time moving today. 

The bright spot in his week (and blot in mine?) is the huge new stereo system worth $5,000 that he got at a garage sale for $100.

Thursday night Moses decided that he's K--:
Moses: I K--! 
Me: K--? 
Moses: Es. 
Me: Your dad is J-- and your mom is T--? 
Moses: Es. 
Me: You have a little sister named J--? 
Moses: Es. 
Me: Ok...K--. 
Moses: Es! 
Moses: I K--! 
Woo: If we call you K--, are we going to have to start calling K-- Moses? 
Moses: Es. 
Woo: What if she cries? 
Moses: Cuz. 
He's also added the words dang and dang-git to his vocabulary this week.

Herbie (giving me a compliment): Mom, I like how you just put Linus to bed without anyone even asking you to!

Our ward is making the teddy bears for humanitarian service.
Ruby: Let's go get a teddy bear for Linus. 
Me: Those teddy bears are for kids that don't have any toys. Linus has lots of toys. 
Ruby: I have an idea! Let's put all our toys out on the grass and leave them so Dad will take them. Then we won't have any toys, and we can get a teddy bear for Linus! 

Quite a few trucks and boats on their way to the reservoir passed us on our walk to church.
Ruby: Look! Those people ride their boats to church! 
After thinking a bit...
Ruby: Their church is very far away, that's why they have to take their boats. 
I don't know if it's because I'm on my fourth or because we've moved to Huntsville, but my danger paranoia seems to have gone out the window. There was a time when I never would've let Woo ride a bike, even the low rider, with a baby in the baby carrier, and this week I did it myself. I strapped Linus on for one of our rides around town. He seemed to enjoy himself---wind blowing through his hair as he stared passively around, and then eventually fell into a pleasant slumber.

Woo and I finally figured out our temple attendance strategy and were able to go this week.

I finished painting the dining room and walls in the living room (still have the ceiling in there to go). We have a framer coming on Tuesday to frame two bedrooms and a bath in the attic, and put a wall between the master bath and office. We hope to hear from the electricians and plumbers next week, and choose who to go with for windows. Woo's ordered the insulation he wants and plans to install it himself... stuff is starting to move along, slowly.

Anyway, that's about it. Hope everyone had a great Fathers Day!