Happy Birthday, Woo!

We've had a full two weeks here: plumbers for 4 days, electricians for 2, window guys 1. It's good to see stuff actually getting done, but didn't really help the kids settle down. I've resigned myself to 2011 for that to really happen...

Woo spent his 31st birthday ripping out windows for new ones to be installed the next day. The plumbers were also here working their magic, and the kids had a melt down before dinner.

Woo has a history of bad birthdays, so relatively speaking, I think it went pretty well. The plumbers cut a hole right in the middle of his office without asking (not on his birthday) after he'd tried so hard to preserve the wood floors there. That was a huge disappointment, but the thought of finally having a bidet seems to get him through most days.

Woo was able to go camping with his high school friends in Zion. He said it was 90% fun, which sounds pretty good to me.

I thought that I might be able to take off with the kids somewhere while people were here working, but it seems like they need my input a couple times a day, and it's best if I stick close. I've been repairing damaged furniture in my work-on-the-house time.

I can't really work on any other rooms until the cabinet guy comes. He's in our ward and every week he tells us, "This week!" and when we call, he says, "Soon!" or "A day or two!" hmmm...

I did go buy a few new clothes. I feel like I wear the same two outfits all the time, and I feel that way because it's true. Part of that is because my clothes aren't unpacked yet, and part of that is because so many of my clothes are maternity clothes.

Ruby is now a towhead. The sun has bleached her hair white in some parts. She is sooo excited for school, but is still being quite patient. She asks how many weeks are left fairly often, and is also really excited for the two of us to go shopping for school clothes. She wants a suit or two and some button up shirts. And some shoes like Herbie's. Ruby and Herbie went boating with Woo and some people in our ward last weekend. Ruby was very brave and rode the surf board and the tube. She really, really wants a life jacket of her own.

Herbie also really wants a life jacket. This evening we were discussing all the snow we're going to have in the winter.
Me: We'll get you new snow pants, Herbie, and give your old ones to Moses. 
Herbie: Mom, I want snow pants that look like a life jacket! 
Me: Oh yeah? 
Herbie: Yes, that will be really warm! 
Me: Ok. We'll see what we can find... 
Moses is talking up a storm. He's finally saying more than "Father. Food. Amen!" in his prayers. Right now they usually consist of "Herbert be good and Dad be good and Ruby be good and Linus be good and me be good..." listing every member of the family a couple of times.

Tonight when he finished he smiled up at me, but his smile dropped, "I forgot you, Mom!" and hastily added, "And Mom be good. Jesus. Amen!"

Linus got a haircut. I really didn't want to cut it, but his hair was so patchy from the cradle cap, that it had to be done. He looks a bit like Uncle Fester, but he's still happy, and people on the street still think he's adorable because he still has his winning smile. His hair near his scalp is quite light, almost blond. We may have another blond kid in the family. He also started rolling over. He's quite pleased with himself.

Well, that's all for now. Talk to you all later!


Woo's Bad Luck Birthdays

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Steven spent his 31st birthday ripping out windows for new ones to be installed the next day. The plumbers were also here working their magic, and the kids had a melt down before dinner.

Steven has a history of bad birthdays, so relatively speaking, I think it went pretty well. The plumbers cut a hole right in the middle of his office without asking (after he'd tried so hard to preserve the wood floors there). That was a huge disappointment, but the thought of finally having a bidet seems to get him through most days.


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This week was Woo's birthday. Unfortunately for Woo, pretty much everything has gone wrong for him today. As far as I can tell, this seems to be typical.

My favorite "worst" birthday is the one where he walked straight into a pole, and then a few hours later stepped on a piping hot oven rack with his bare feet. Did I mention that he put the oven rack there himself? Just minutes before stepping on it?

Really this whole week has been a bad week for him. We both renewed our drivers' licenses. I'll spare you the gory details, but yes, it did include multiple trips to the DMV, long lines and swears.



This week we went camping with some members of Woo's family.

We hiked in 1.8 miles, stayed a night and hiked back out. 1.8 miles doesn't sound like a lot, but I'd forgotten that I rarely walk half a mile with Moses. He's usually in the stroller or bike trailer, but we had him hike the whole way since I was packing Linus and dinner, and Woo was packing tents, sleeping bags, etc.

He did great on the way in, holding Woo's hand, he kept with the group.

On the way out he was obviously very tired (after a late night and an earlier hike). I held his hand and we went very, very slowly. He whimpered a little going up hills with big rocks, but he never whined or complained unless I told him what a good job he was doing. Then he'd say, "Don't say that, Mom! Don't talk to me!"

I guess he prefers to suffer in silence.

Ruby and Herbie each hiked with a backpack filled with their own clothes. Herbie also had his sleeping bag, and Ruby also had a small bag of fishing gear.

We think we discovered the secret to getting them to bed on time: promises of swimming in the morning and putting them each alone in an empty tent. We didn't hear a peep after putting them down at their regular bedtime, and they woke up at 6:30am, which is by far the best they've ever done.

Linus is usually a great camper, but he had a few rough spots. He had a hard time falling asleep alone in a tent after being lulled to sleep in the pack whenever I took him somewhere. But was great when I needed him to sleep most (while I was sleeping).

All the kids fell asleep almost the second we started the car. We ate dinner at Steph's Drive In in Morgan, and made it home for bedtime. They all fell right asleep once in bed.

Actually, maybe making your kids hike tons is the secret to sleep while camping.

As if I can't get enough camping... I've been called as the ward Camp Director. I'm going on a overnighter this week (taking Linus with me), and then I'll be working on camp for next year.

Steven has been called as a Sunday School teacher for the 14-15 yr olds. He's excited. But he's really excited for our talks in August. He practically shouted for joy when they told us the topic: Provident Living. I guess he thinks he knows something about that...

Anyway, that's all I've got. I hope you're all doing well.


Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We really enjoyed ours. The town really does go all out (as I write this about 10 adults are driving up and down the streets in a red, white and blue kiddie train), and we live in the perfect location for it.

In the morning we walked two houses down to watch the parade. It had something for everyone: tractors and bikes and firetrucks for Herbie and Moses, plenty of candy to chase for Ruby, and lots of things for Woo and I to laugh at.

We walked home for lunch, naps, then BBQ. Returned to the park for a hypnotist show, skydivers, and fireworks. Returning home several times for things we'd forgotten (like jackets---much preferable to our sweltering, humid St. Louis 4th of Julys). No traffic, no lines, no huge crowds. Just fun. The only thing I didn't like was the sirens at 6 am which woke the kids up (more on that later).

Linus has been awake during dinner time a few nights this week. He sits on my lap with his mouth open wide in a smile as he looks from person to person. He's so thrilled to be sitting at the table with everybody. He's also winning the ward over with his antics. In Sunday School he spit up all over my lap and then immediately turned to give a huge smile and laugh to the woman sitting across the aisle. 

Moses started riding his Skuut yesterday. He keeps his motor (lips) going at all times. Woo was afraid he'd hyperventilate. He mostly just walks it at this point, but does a little gliding when he's trying to get off to the side of the road when there's a car two blocks down.

Waiting for the fireworks yesterday is the hardest thing Herbie's ever done. He started asking at 7 am for them, and didn't quit until a half hour before they started when he announced he wanted to go home. I think he'd given up on them, but we convinced him to wait just a little bit longer. He says his favorite part of yesterday was watching a girl fall in the water at the dunking booth.

I bought a bag of Cheetos for the first time for us to enjoy on the 4th and when Woo's friend R-- and his family came to visit. Ruby was obsessed with those Cheetos. The first thing out of her mouth when they got out of the car was, "We're going to eat Cheetos!!"

They knew they were in for a good time then.

She also loves the new "Wacky" book that Grandma and Grandpa brought with them when they stopped by.

I had a hard time getting enough sleep this week. Either Linus or the kids got up early or I shot myself in the foot going to bed too late. Once I went to bed on time and I didn't hear a single kid stir until 8 am, but Woo (of all people) was up around 6:30 moving around and waking me up!

I did get enough sleep last night, and it felt so good, I spent most of the day laughing at everyone else who hadn't: Ruby bursting into instant tears at the slightest provocation and complaining about watermelon making her sick, Herbie with his surly knitted eyebrows and pursed lips, and Woo making cranky old-man jokes which really started out as complaints, but turned into jokes when he could see I was laughing.

Woo enjoyed a visit from his old friend R--. S-- (R--'s wife) and I had to take a million pictures of them riding the tandem together in their swimsuits. I hope they're happy with the results.

His special insulation was also delivered today. Do other people get excited about insulation?

Anyway, that is all. Talk to you all later.