Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We really enjoyed ours. The town really does go all out (as I write this about 10 adults are driving up and down the streets in a red, white and blue kiddie train), and we live in the perfect location for it.

In the morning we walked two houses down to watch the parade. It had something for everyone: tractors and bikes and firetrucks for Herbie and Moses, plenty of candy to chase for Ruby, and lots of things for Woo and I to laugh at.

We walked home for lunch, naps, then BBQ. Returned to the park for a hypnotist show, skydivers, and fireworks. Returning home several times for things we'd forgotten (like jackets---much preferable to our sweltering, humid St. Louis 4th of Julys). No traffic, no lines, no huge crowds. Just fun. The only thing I didn't like was the sirens at 6 am which woke the kids up (more on that later).

Linus has been awake during dinner time a few nights this week. He sits on my lap with his mouth open wide in a smile as he looks from person to person. He's so thrilled to be sitting at the table with everybody. He's also winning the ward over with his antics. In Sunday School he spit up all over my lap and then immediately turned to give a huge smile and laugh to the woman sitting across the aisle. 

Moses started riding his Skuut yesterday. He keeps his motor (lips) going at all times. Woo was afraid he'd hyperventilate. He mostly just walks it at this point, but does a little gliding when he's trying to get off to the side of the road when there's a car two blocks down.

Waiting for the fireworks yesterday is the hardest thing Herbie's ever done. He started asking at 7 am for them, and didn't quit until a half hour before they started when he announced he wanted to go home. I think he'd given up on them, but we convinced him to wait just a little bit longer. He says his favorite part of yesterday was watching a girl fall in the water at the dunking booth.

I bought a bag of Cheetos for the first time for us to enjoy on the 4th and when Woo's friend R-- and his family came to visit. Ruby was obsessed with those Cheetos. The first thing out of her mouth when they got out of the car was, "We're going to eat Cheetos!!"

They knew they were in for a good time then.

She also loves the new "Wacky" book that Grandma and Grandpa brought with them when they stopped by.

I had a hard time getting enough sleep this week. Either Linus or the kids got up early or I shot myself in the foot going to bed too late. Once I went to bed on time and I didn't hear a single kid stir until 8 am, but Woo (of all people) was up around 6:30 moving around and waking me up!

I did get enough sleep last night, and it felt so good, I spent most of the day laughing at everyone else who hadn't: Ruby bursting into instant tears at the slightest provocation and complaining about watermelon making her sick, Herbie with his surly knitted eyebrows and pursed lips, and Woo making cranky old-man jokes which really started out as complaints, but turned into jokes when he could see I was laughing.

Woo enjoyed a visit from his old friend R--. S-- (R--'s wife) and I had to take a million pictures of them riding the tandem together in their swimsuits. I hope they're happy with the results.

His special insulation was also delivered today. Do other people get excited about insulation?

Anyway, that is all. Talk to you all later.