Happy Birthday, Woo!

We've had a full two weeks here: plumbers for 4 days, electricians for 2, window guys 1. It's good to see stuff actually getting done, but didn't really help the kids settle down. I've resigned myself to 2011 for that to really happen...

Woo spent his 31st birthday ripping out windows for new ones to be installed the next day. The plumbers were also here working their magic, and the kids had a melt down before dinner.

Woo has a history of bad birthdays, so relatively speaking, I think it went pretty well. The plumbers cut a hole right in the middle of his office without asking (not on his birthday) after he'd tried so hard to preserve the wood floors there. That was a huge disappointment, but the thought of finally having a bidet seems to get him through most days.

Woo was able to go camping with his high school friends in Zion. He said it was 90% fun, which sounds pretty good to me.

I thought that I might be able to take off with the kids somewhere while people were here working, but it seems like they need my input a couple times a day, and it's best if I stick close. I've been repairing damaged furniture in my work-on-the-house time.

I can't really work on any other rooms until the cabinet guy comes. He's in our ward and every week he tells us, "This week!" and when we call, he says, "Soon!" or "A day or two!" hmmm...

I did go buy a few new clothes. I feel like I wear the same two outfits all the time, and I feel that way because it's true. Part of that is because my clothes aren't unpacked yet, and part of that is because so many of my clothes are maternity clothes.

Ruby is now a towhead. The sun has bleached her hair white in some parts. She is sooo excited for school, but is still being quite patient. She asks how many weeks are left fairly often, and is also really excited for the two of us to go shopping for school clothes. She wants a suit or two and some button up shirts. And some shoes like Herbie's. Ruby and Herbie went boating with Woo and some people in our ward last weekend. Ruby was very brave and rode the surf board and the tube. She really, really wants a life jacket of her own.

Herbie also really wants a life jacket. This evening we were discussing all the snow we're going to have in the winter.
Me: We'll get you new snow pants, Herbie, and give your old ones to Moses. 
Herbie: Mom, I want snow pants that look like a life jacket! 
Me: Oh yeah? 
Herbie: Yes, that will be really warm! 
Me: Ok. We'll see what we can find... 
Moses is talking up a storm. He's finally saying more than "Father. Food. Amen!" in his prayers. Right now they usually consist of "Herbert be good and Dad be good and Ruby be good and Linus be good and me be good..." listing every member of the family a couple of times.

Tonight when he finished he smiled up at me, but his smile dropped, "I forgot you, Mom!" and hastily added, "And Mom be good. Jesus. Amen!"

Linus got a haircut. I really didn't want to cut it, but his hair was so patchy from the cradle cap, that it had to be done. He looks a bit like Uncle Fester, but he's still happy, and people on the street still think he's adorable because he still has his winning smile. His hair near his scalp is quite light, almost blond. We may have another blond kid in the family. He also started rolling over. He's quite pleased with himself.

Well, that's all for now. Talk to you all later!