David Bowie

Well, it's finally happened. Ruby gave herself a "boy haircut!" The best part about it? I was lying right next to her, and I mean right next to her when she did it.

We were napping, and Ruby doesn't usually nap, but instead fiddles quietly with something in bed. Once or twice while I was dozing I thought I heard scissors, but I thought, "Nah, it's just a piece of paper."

Of course, when I woke up, Ruby jumped up, "Guess what Mom! I gave myself a boy haircut!"

I just didn't have it in me to be mad about it. She was so proud and pleased (Woo sent her to the mirror to try to shame her... she came back very, very pleased with her work), plus I just don't care that much about hair.

The worst part about it? The haircut she gave herself looked better than the trim up I did. Before she looked like a 80s rocker (dubbed David Bowie by Woo), now she looks like a boy with a few well-placed gashes.

Anyway, message received: Page boy haircut = not good enough. Pixie haircut = until further notice. 

Bonus question: awesomest Kindergarten debut ever?
Herbie (upon seeing Ruby's haircut for the first time): Um. Did Ruby do something? 
Woo: Yes, Herbie. Doesn't she look ridiculous? 
Herbie: No. 
Woo: Doesn't she look silly? 
Herbie: No. 
Ruby: Do I look nice, Herbie!? 
Herbie: Yes! 
You're not helping, Herbie!

Woo has decided to take action against Moses' thumb sucking. He's been duct taping Mosey's thumbs and calling them "Super Thumbs." He has Moses fooled into thinking it's something cool, and it seems to be working for those awake moments when Moses sucks out of boredom. And then he pulls the tape off to go to sleep.

Linus is rolling all over the place. He has a lot of fun until he gets himself stuck in a corner, or under the couch, or against the desk. Tonight he rolled into the pedal of Woo's bike, and managed to escape only to find himself smack up against the tire. That was too much and he had to be rescued.

Woo and I gave our talks this week, had a bat fly into our bedroom, and finally got to unpack our clothes!

Anyway, talk to you all later. Hope things go well for J--, T-- and baby tomorrow!

Watching the neighbors swim... hours of entertainment

From the back

From the front

Woo with the bat he caught in our bedroom




Moses proudly displaying the "plip plops" he put on himself


Summer Fun

We spent most of the week at Bear Lake this week. It was a lot of fun, and we especially enjoyed the beach. The kids are getting better at traveling/family gatherings, and I'm getting more relaxed about things not going perfectly. The kids were only crazy for about 1/2 a day after we got home, which is sometimes the worst part.

We brought four kites with us on the recommendation of a friend, and we're glad we did. Ruby and Herbie have always been fascinated by kites, and we've never been able to get one up for them, until we tried them out on the beach.

The wind there was perfect and we got three kites high into the air almost instantly. Ruby walked, skipped, danced around on the beach and shallow water with her kite in hand singing her version of "Let's Go Fly a Kite" at the top of her lungs.

Herbie spent most of his time in one spot staring at his kite, and Moses lost interest right off the bat.

Herbie was anxious to recreate the magic the next day at the lodge, but the wind was funky, and we couldn't get anything to stay in the air until Woo had the gall to let go of the string of the kite he was flying.

You would've thought someone had died. Ruby started to scream and cry. Herbie yelled at Woo. Even some of the cousins got really upset as the kite drifted off to eventually tangle in a telephone wire. Lucky Woo's Mom was on hand to give Woo a spanking. That seemed to satisfy everyone.

We took a Sunday drive up to Powder Mountain Resort and saw a kid (maybe 6 or 7?) on a tiny motorcycle practicing on the motocross course.
Herbie (when we got home): Dad. 
Woo: Yes? 
Herbie: Um, why did I see a kid on a motorcycle? 
Woo: I don't know Herbie. Maybe you did something extra good in the pre-existence. 
Moses is at that stage where everything has to be just so and he likes to argue with us if we don't have it exactly right.
Woo: Moses, pull up your pants! 
Moses: I not have pants! I have shorts (or wim suit)! 
Moses' nursery leader walked by on her way to church and invited Moses to walk with her. He avoided eye contact and took her hand with his chin down on his chest, but I could tell that he was very excited by the way his left arm, bent at the elbow, was swinging rapidly back and forth as he walked.

Linus is grabbing for everything. The days of sitting peacefully with him in my lap while eating or reading are over. He wants a part of anything I've got, and he wants it now.

He spends a lot of his time on his belly alternating between what Woo calls coasting and swimming. Coasting: hands on the ground, arms straight, upper body and head in the air. Swimming: belly on the ground, legs and arms in the air, kicking and waving wildly. One of these days he'll mix the two together and crawl.

Well, that's about all, folks. Talk to you later!


Clothes, Vacuums And Solids, Oh My!

We've had a good week. We visited Grandma Marva, K-- and the W--s down in Utah Co. We got the "bones" of our cabinets/wardrobes in. All the prep work for the insulation is done. We got most of Ruby's new school clothes, and everyone is excited for the family reunion at Bear Lake next week.

Ruby and I managed to pick out plenty of clothes that we're both happy with. She was SO, SO, SO excited---she couldn't keep still and practically shouted the whole day. I actually took her straight to the boys section to start off, and she couldn't have been more pleased.

"I'm a girl, and I'm buying boys clothes!!!" she shrilled so that anyone within a 200 ft radius could hear.

I don't think you need to be too scared for her. Her button-up shirts and "suit pants" are actually for girls, but the real jewel in her crown is a scout shirt covered in patches (one of the patches says Old Navy).

She insisted on wearing it home, and let us all know, "I really, really like my scout shirt! I've always wanted a scout shirt!" 

Herbie has practically taken over our new vacuum. I just assign him a new room every day we do chores and let him loose. He'll vacuum the whole room (in kind of a haphazard manner, but it all gets vacuumed eventually), and then he'll take out all the attachments for a more thorough clean.

He loves that thing and most of the time would rather vacuum then go out and play when chore time is over. I have a hard time vacuuming anything when he's in the house. As soon as he hears it, he's next to me wanting a turn.

The new vacuum is light enough that I've even been able to get Moses to use it to clean up a few of his messes. He vacuumed up (with a little of my help) a box of septic system powder (basically a huge pile of sand in the bathroom), a million pieces of torn up garbage bag, and a handful of dirt in the carpet.

Linus turned six months and started solids this week. He's the only baby I've ever had that actually ate his first meal. He did squish a little out with his tongue, but it was minimal, and I managed to stuff a full meal in his mouth that made it down his throat.

I've been doing a lot of relaxing in the evenings. I'm kind of in limbo right now, since there's not a whole lot I can do until the cabinets are finished or the sheet rock is done. Of course, they'll probably be done at the same time, and there will be too much to do all at once, so I've been trying to enjoy my break.

Woo gave his debut lesson today. He was a little bit nervous, and (surprisingly) a little concerned with what he should wear. I vetoed the first outfit on grounds that it didn't match very well. The second was fine, but when he walked out the door Moses started laughing.

Then all the other kids started laughing, and Woo hung his head in shame. "Everyone is laughing except you, who says I look fine! Who should I believe?"

Well, that's all folks! I hope that you all had a good week. Talk to you later!


This Week

1. Linus
a) Sat up by himself
b) Started to crawl
c) Got his first tooth
d) Started solids
e) All of the above

2. Moses
a) Started to be dry at night again
b) Went boating
c) Was stung by a bee
d) Two of the above
e) None of the above

3. Herbie
a) Had full days of being obedient and kind again
b) Rode down a steep dirt hill on his Lil Ripper
c) Went boating
d) Two of the above
e) All of the above

4. Ruby
a) Woke Herbie, Moses, Linus, M--, T-- and L-- up at 6am
b) Went boating
c) Gave herself a haircut
d) Two of the above
e) All of the above

5. Chelsey
a) Went to girls camp
b) Got a root canal
c) Got a hair cut
d) Two of the above
e) All of the above

6. Steven
a) Went boating
b) Was featured on CNET
c) Had a sales boost
d) Spent a lot of time in a sweltering hot attic removing nails
e) All of the above

Answers 1:c 2:a 3:e 4:d 5:d 6:e