David Bowie

Well, it's finally happened. Ruby gave herself a "boy haircut!" The best part about it? I was lying right next to her, and I mean right next to her when she did it.

We were napping, and Ruby doesn't usually nap, but instead fiddles quietly with something in bed. Once or twice while I was dozing I thought I heard scissors, but I thought, "Nah, it's just a piece of paper."

Of course, when I woke up, Ruby jumped up, "Guess what Mom! I gave myself a boy haircut!"

I just didn't have it in me to be mad about it. She was so proud and pleased (Woo sent her to the mirror to try to shame her... she came back very, very pleased with her work), plus I just don't care that much about hair.

The worst part about it? The haircut she gave herself looked better than the trim up I did. Before she looked like a 80s rocker (dubbed David Bowie by Woo), now she looks like a boy with a few well-placed gashes.

Anyway, message received: Page boy haircut = not good enough. Pixie haircut = until further notice. 

Bonus question: awesomest Kindergarten debut ever?
Herbie (upon seeing Ruby's haircut for the first time): Um. Did Ruby do something? 
Woo: Yes, Herbie. Doesn't she look ridiculous? 
Herbie: No. 
Woo: Doesn't she look silly? 
Herbie: No. 
Ruby: Do I look nice, Herbie!? 
Herbie: Yes! 
You're not helping, Herbie!

Woo has decided to take action against Moses' thumb sucking. He's been duct taping Mosey's thumbs and calling them "Super Thumbs." He has Moses fooled into thinking it's something cool, and it seems to be working for those awake moments when Moses sucks out of boredom. And then he pulls the tape off to go to sleep.

Linus is rolling all over the place. He has a lot of fun until he gets himself stuck in a corner, or under the couch, or against the desk. Tonight he rolled into the pedal of Woo's bike, and managed to escape only to find himself smack up against the tire. That was too much and he had to be rescued.

Woo and I gave our talks this week, had a bat fly into our bedroom, and finally got to unpack our clothes!

Anyway, talk to you all later. Hope things go well for J--, T-- and baby tomorrow!

Watching the neighbors swim... hours of entertainment

From the back

From the front

Woo with the bat he caught in our bedroom




Moses proudly displaying the "plip plops" he put on himself