Another Week

One night at dinner Ruby hesitantly mentioned that she'd had to go in time out. Some inquiry revealed that she'd yelled at recess, was sent to time out, sobbed, "Herbie woke me up early!" to her teacher (because she never would've yelled otherwise), got a hug, and spent the rest of recess playing alone because she didn't feel like playing with the other kids.

Steven: "It can be embarrassing when you get in trouble, huh, Ruby?"

I don't think she was expecting that.


Then I told her about the time I had to go put my nose to the wall in 1st grade for talking during story time (a much better choice than sharing Woo's kindergarten indiscretions btw), and she seemed to feel much better.

Herbie wanted to go mountain biking for his Daddy Day this week. Woo took him to some dirt hills with jumps by the reservoir (not the nice gradual path I would've taken him on, but I guess that's why kids have dads). Herbie came back VERY excited. He'd ridden fast down some big hills, ridden up some other ones, and rode over some "skips" where his bike had gone in the air, but he hadn't fallen off.

Me: Do you mean jumps?

Herbie: Yes, jumpers.

Linus has been sitting up by himself for a few weeks now. When he first started Moses would try to push him over, "Him not a kid! Him a baby!" "Don't sit, Linus!"

Linus is already showing an early inclination towards balls, cars and paper.

Moses has been working on some bike tricks of his own.
Me: Show Dad your trick, Moses! 
Moses pulls his handlebars up in a wheelie, and Woo goes for the camera.
Woo: Ok, Moses, show us your trick! 
Moses sprints down the road holding one hand straight out to the side.
Woo: No, Moses! The other one! 
Moses quickly puts his hand back and sticks the other hand straight out.
Woo: No, the other one! The other trick! 
Moses switches hands again...

I don't think we ever got that wheelie on camera.

ooTunes was finally featured in the app store under staff favorites. Woo's seen a bump in sales from that, so he spent most of this week at the computer working.

Insulation is moving slowly along. I finished sanding the bottom half of the china cabinet, and can start staining it tomorrow. I hope to have the whole thing finished and in the house at the end of this week.

Anyway, that's all, folks!


Just Pictures

Getting ready for Ruby's 1st day of school

Herbie and Moses taking the bus to school


Herbie's accident: Day 1


Herbie's accident: Day 2

Herbie's accident: Day 3


Linus and Me before church 

 Sorry, no pictures of Woo. I better get on the ball.


Another Week

We made a visit to the monastery yesterday.
Ruby: What's a monastery? 
Moses: A monastery says RARRRR!!!! 
Me: No Moses, that's a monster... 
Moses: Oh. A monster says RARRRR!!! 
Herbie had a bad bike crash this week. Most of the left side of his face was scraped up and swollen. He's not afraid of his bike, but he is afraid of people's reactions to his face. He was mobbed by a group of little girls at the park, peppering him with questions about it. He didn't answer, but kept ducking behind Moses' bike until they left him alone.

On the way home he said, "Mom, I don't want to go to church."
"Oh? Why not?" 
"I don't want people to look at my face." 
The plate of cookies he got last night from a family of little girls in our ward may have changed his mind.

We got our first bit of non bus or recess related school news from Ruby today. She learned how to spell "CAN"
Woo: Did you learn how to spell anything else, Ruby? 
Ruby: I learned how to spell "I" 

Linus is still rolling around on the floor. He likes to get ahold of a sheet of paper and crinkle it all up. He's not really big on putting objects in his mouth. In fact, I'm not sure that I've ever seen him do it. But, he does like to open his mouth and dive for your face, if it's close enough.

Earlier today he caught a chunk of my hair and laughed as if he was being tickled. Hilarious, Linus. Hilarious.

Woo and I have been looking into fruit trees. It looks like we're pretty much limited to apple trees, and maybe pear. Seems kind of boring, but I guess we'll also be able to grow berries and grapes, and vegetables, of course.

Woo also wants chickens, which I'm surprisingly not as opposed to as I would've been, say five years ago. It helps to have neighbors to show you the ropes and resolve your concerns.

Anyways, talk to you all later!


Ruby -- Hearbreaker?

This evening after dinner we all went on a pleasant stroll to the other side of town. It was a madhouse--littered with bikes, skateboards, ladders, car seats, strollers, dogs, goats, shrieking kids, and a little boy Ruby's age stepped around a corner. "Hi B--!"

(His name's actually B--... she can never get it right).

He broke out in a smile and was about to respond, but turned sheepish, gave a little tug to his shirt, and suddenly realized that he wasn't wearing any pants.

He was quickly hidden behind a pillar after a swift turn and a few hops, but the turn unfortunately revealed that he was wearing a diaper (?!). He apparently felt safe behind the pillar because his top half soon emerged waving wildly and yelling "Hi, Ruby!"

After about a block we were passed by another little boy Ruby's age on a little motorcycle. The next time he buzzed past he gave us all a hard look, and we gave him one.

The third time he passed he yelled, "Watch this Ruby!"

After we'd deciphered what he'd said, Woo asked, "Is he showing off?"

And yes, yes he was. He buzzed by several times and every time he'd narrowly avoid wrecks by doing something crazy like putting both his legs out spread eagle or raising both arms in the air, yelling, "Hi, Ruby!"

We never could figure out who he was because he was wearing a full face helmet, and the mystery was engrossing Ruby for the rest of the evening.
Woo: I'm sorry, Ruby. You're much more likely to end up with the nerd without the pants, but know that whoever you choose we're pleased. Very pleased. 
Herbie is our child with fashion sense. A couple of days before school started, he was the one who lined up a couple of outfits on the floor in anticipation of his own first day of school. And I'm not going to lie, they were some pretty good outfits.

This morning after his bath he went upstairs to put on an outfit that I know he planned beforehand: a brown striped sweater with some light brown pants. He wore the sweater for a couple of hours, but eventually took it off. I noticed his back was sweating. You can only take so much discomfort for looking good.

Moses hates tomatoes. Probably more than anything else, but he also hates potatoes. "Mom, they're yucky!"

I don't know who taught him that. Certainly not us. Anyway, he will do anything he can to get out of eating them, unless, I've now observed, there's ketchup on the tomatoes (his idea) or pats of butter on his potatoes.

We had banana squash tonight for dinner. I thought for sure he would have problems eating it, but he actually had like fifths, making very sure every time that there was butter on it.

Linus got his second tooth this week. It was rougher on him than his first, at least he did a lot more whining. He's rolling and pivoting all over the floor, but no real forward motion yet.

Woo spent most of the week working. Either on the insulation or his latest update (mostly the update).

He did actually find a friend to go mtn. biking with, but unfortunately scheduled the ride on Ruby's first day of school and had to cancel. And he found someone to carpool with to Powder Mountain. Maybe now he'll take the plunge for the season pass.

I finished sanding the top half of the china cabinet and got one coat of stain on it. I also spent a bunch of time unpacking boxes.

Anyway, that's about it. Talk to you all later!


First Day Of School

Ruby's had a rough couple of days... I assume in anticipation of Kindergarten. Yesterday she had three wrecks on her bike and about five just walking around. She could never sit still or hear a word we said, which didn't make things go too smoothly with Mom and Dad, but today was finally the day.
Ruby's the kind of kid that sprints for the bus the second the bus driver waves her forward and pipes, "My name's Ruby!" so I knew she'd be fine, but I'll admit the saying goodbye was a bit sadder than I expected.

One consequence of her short hair cut is that Woo and I control her dress choices more to make sure she looks like a girl. It doesn't always work, as today there were apparently some girls arguing that she was a boy until the teacher said, "Ruby's a girl." 

I asked Ruby what she said to the girls, "I i-nored them."

She seemed to be the most excited about the bus ride where she saw lots of friends from church and the neighborhood, and overall loved school---asking what time she gets to leave tomorrow almost the second she got home.

She was all tuckered out after a new day and the retreat of her feelings of anticipation. She actually went upstairs to lie in bed while I made dinner, and when Grandpa Kip called to see how it went she couldn't bring herself to say more than a few words (a first)!

Woo is everyone's new favorite person after his talk two Sunday's ago. It helped that he got to speak about something he's passionate about and had lots of fun personal stories---some that I'd never heard.

For example, did you know that the first time he got an answer to prayer was praying about whether he should buy an issue of baseball cards or not? I didn't. (The answer was no, btw.)

He was in heaven last Saturday when Huntsville held their annual town-wide garage sale. We biked around all morning, and he was pleased to find a wooden tie (another hit when he wore it on Sunday) and a kayak.

Herbie was almost as excited about Ruby starting school as she was. All morning he yelled, "Ruby's starting school today!" to all passersby, and graciously offered his backpack when she couldn't find hers.

He had a hard time for about five minutes after she left when he kept saying stuff like, "It's not Ruby's first day of school. It's my first day of school." and "Ruby's not the first kid. She's the second kid." 

But it didn't last long. He seemed to forget all about her once he hopped on his bike.

Moses hasn't quite clued into the fact that all questions about church can be answered with, "Jesus."
Me: What did you learn about in nursery, Moses? 
Moses: cars. trucks. 
Woo: No, what did you learn about? 
Moses: treats. 
Me: What did your teacher talk about? 
Moses: cuz 
Linus is doing so well with solids now that I no longer have to feed him before I go to bed. Even though it was just a little thing, not having to do it anymore feels like freedom!

Linus is also the first kid of ours to say, "mom, mom, mom, mom" before "da, da, da, da, da." Which is odd because he really loves Woo. Maybe it's just an easier sound for him to make. Or maybe because he hears it 5 thousand times a day (that's Woo's theory).

I've had kind of a fun week. I read the two first Hunger Games books in anticipation for the third book, which I read the day after it came in the mail. I bought an orbital sander, which I've wanted for a long time, and started working on my china cabinet. It got pretty scraped up in the move, plus I've never been a big fan of the finish.

My old roommate T-- was in town for her sister's wedding, and we got to eat lunch with her and her family.

L-- and kids dropped by on their way home.

Helping Woo cut insulation on the table saw was a less fun thing, but not too bad once I settled into it... which is good because there's still lots to do.

Anyway, that's about it. Talk to you all later.